DIY (71) – Branches with buds

Hi everyone!!!

A quick and easy idea to decorate your home?

All you have to do is pick up some branches from the park and attach some buds made with paper mache. I made them orange, but you can choose the color you prefer. If you want you can also add some paper pulp to make them more colorful.

I liked them so simple, with only buds.

To make the blossoms you can use the technique from one of my previous posts (see:


DIY N. 71



branches – paper mache – hot glue

Gather the branches in a pot.

Create the flowers following the post mentioned above. To make the buds you will need to use less paper.

If you want you can make the flowers in a much simpler way: Cut a strip of colored paper mache and fold it in half (on the length). Roll it up and glue it occasionally. The beauty of the buds is that they must be rather small.

Put some hot glue on the base of the bud and stick it to the branch.

Keep doing this procedure until your composition seems quite full.


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