DIY (73) – Fabric-Wrapped Cord Necklace or Bracelet

Hi everyone!!!

These fabric wrapped cord necklaces and bracelets are easy to make with this step by step tutorial. Brighten up your wardrobe with these fun and colorful accessories.

They have a cool ethnic look and you can make them in any color combination imaginable and it takes little time to finish.

They are also lightweight and durable.

Often you have these kinds of supplies at home, even the clothesline cord, but if you don’t, they are easy to find.

Try making one of these colorful bracelets or necklaces for some added flair in your jewelry wardrobe.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 73



Fabric strips – 1″ – 3″ wide and almost any length – Fabric glue – Permanent hold and clear drying – Cotton clothesline cord – Embroidery floss – Scissors

Step 1 – Lay out fabric and cord

Cut the desired length of cord.

For a bracelet – Wrap the cord around your wrist. Make sure it is large enough to slip over your hand, but not large enough to slip off easily. Then add about 1 inch for the seam. It’s better to cut it a little longer and take off length if you need to.

For a necklace – Drape the cord around your neck and cut to the desired length. Make sure it’s long enough to fit over your head when finished.

Step 2 – Apply the fabric glue

Apply fabric glue to one end of the strip of fabric. It should go on the wrong side of the fabric.

Step 3 – Start wrapping the fabric

Place your fabric on the diagonal in relation to the cord, then begin wrapping with the top corner of the glue side of the fabric. Start about 2″ in from one end of the cord. Pull fabric snugly as you work, trying to get out as many wrinkles as possible.

Keep wrapping the fabric around the cord.

Don’t forget to leave enough fabric to finish wrapping once the cord ends have been sewn together.

Keep wrapping the fabric around the cord until there is about 1 inch of cord not covered with fabric.

If your fabric strip is not long enough just start another one with glue.

Step 4 – Sew the cord ends together

Sew the ends of the cord together.

You can use a machine to do this or you can stitch by hand as well. Make sure it is very secure.

I overlap the ends by about an inch and join them together with two or three hand stitches. Then I use a sewing machine to really secure it.

Sew back and forth many times, getting the center of the cord as well.

Trim off all of the thread and extra bulk.

Step 5 – Finish wrapping

Once you have finished wrapping and have covered the seam, apply glue to the edge of the fabric and secure. Try to smooth out any wrinkles that you can.

Step 6 – Set aside to dry

Once you have finished wrapping and like the look of the piece, set it aside to dry. I usually wait about half an hour before I start wrapping with the thread.

As you can see it still looks wrinkled and unfinished. Once the piece is wrapped, it will look much smoother.

Step 7 – Start wrapping with thread

Using the full 6 stranded embroidery thread, cut a long piece that will wrap around the entire piece of jewelry.

I like to choose contrasting colors to add interest. I also like to use two different colors.

  1. Begin by tying the thread in a knot securely around the bracelet. DO NOT trim anything yet.
  2. Start wrapping the thread around until finished. Pull the thread tightly as you wrap. You can wrap as many times as you’d like.
  3. End at the knot where you started so you can tie off the thread, using the tail that was left when you tied off the thread at the beginning.

If you want your bracelet or necklace to be more colorful, you can repeat the last step with different colors of emboidery threads.

A few color scheme ideas to get you started

ThemeColor Suggestions
RainbowsPurples, Reds, Greens, Yellows, Blues,
SportsTeam colors
FallBrowns, Yellows, Rusts, Greens, Oranges, Reds
WinterWhites, Blues, Greys
SummerJewel tones, Patriotic
ChristmasGreens, Reds, Whites
Valentine’s DayReds, Whites, Pinks, Purples
Fourth of JulyReds, Whites, Blues
Support for medical causesColors of the cause
School supportSchool colors

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