DIY (75) – Everything neat!

Hi Everyone!

Here we are with a tutorial to create practical containers for your closet!

These cute little boxes are ready in no time!

Like one, two, three or four (and as many as you want!) these boxes can become also a perfect organizer for drawers.

Depending on the size you cut, you can also use them for your desk, as a make-up container or as a cachepot for your plants.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 75



cotton canvas – 1,40 cotton ribbon H 3 mm – 1 acetate sheet A4 – cotton yarn matching the ribbon and canvas – needle – sewing machine – line – pencil/chalk – template (below)

TAGLIO = CUT / CUCITURA = SEWING / apertura = opening

Start by printing the template of the measure you are interested in.

Copy it to the fabric and cut the shape twice, including squares on the corners (see image).

Sew along the edges of the cross shape (right with right), following the drawn pattern. Leave about 6 cm opening on one side of the square.

Bevel the corners from the excess fabric, turn over the right side of the fabric and iron well to flatten the shape thus obtained.

If you really do not like sewing, you can fold and glue with hot glue all sides, always leaving an opening to insert the acetate squares.

Cut four acetate squares of the size of your sides and insert them through the opening, which you will close at the end of this procedure.

Cut four pieces of ribbon all of the same size and place them about 3 cm from the edges (see photo).

Glue the tape (or sew it). Now close your box by making bows with the ribbon.

Your cabinet box is ready!

You can also use brighter fabrics and/or multicolored ribbon if you prefer!

original post: Cucito creativo – Edizioni San Paolo


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