DIY (76) – Make-up trousse

Hi everyone!

This practical cosmetic bag, fast realization, will entertain you to sew as many as you want to adapt them to your tastes and customizing them from basic to more fancy versions!

Let’s start!

DIY N. 76



Elastic cotton fabric for front: circle diameter 38 cm
elastic cotton fabric for breast pocket:
11 x 7 cm
stretch cotton fabric for loops:
5x 120 cm
Elastic cotton fabric for closing:
9 x 16 cm (x 2)
Elastic tulle fabric for lining:
circle diameter 38 cm
padding for trousse:
circle diameter 38 cm
padding closure:
9 x 16 cm
lurex cord 140 cm – velcro 4 cm – zigzag trim 26 cm

Let’s start with the closing lap of the trousse:

Let’s start with the closing lap of the trousse: as a first project I suggest you to leave it of the shape marked in the materials. If you are more familiar with sewing, before joining the two parts you can give it a rounded shape (like in the picture).

First, sew the Velcro on the right side of the fabric 2 cm away from the edge and then sew the two pieces right against right, leaving a small hole to turn the work. Close the hole from the with invisible hand dots.

Let’s proceed with the outside of the cosmetic bag:

Draw and cut a circle on paper with a diameter of 38 cm. Place the pattern paper on the cotton fabric, on the wadding, on the tulle for lining and proceed with the cutting. On the right side of the fabric mark with a pin the middle of the circle, place the Velcro 1.5 cm from the edge and sew.

Always measuring the center, sew the pocket on the three sides just below the Velcro tape. Then pin and sew the trimming on the pocket. On the opposite side of the circle, always calculating the half of the circle, sew the flap for closing at 3 cm distance, remembering to place the side with the Velcro down (if you are afraid of making a mistake, you can sew the Velcro at the end of the work).

Create the loop:

To create the loop for the lanyard, fold the fabric in half and sew on the entire length. Finish the ends of the strip by turning the fabric 1 cm in order to have a more precise and neat result once the strip is brought back to the right of the fabric. To turn the loop, point one end with a safety pin, insert it into the hole and let it out on the other side.

Once created the loop pin it and sew it along the perimeter of the circle starting from the center where we placed the Velcro. After the circle perimeter, leave a space of 5 mm from one end to the other.

Place the right side of the tulle fabric against the right side of the cotton fabric. Sew all around leaving the loop inside the two layers of fabric. Leave a small hole to turn the work and then sew it with invisible dots by hand.

Take the lurex lanyard and attach a safety pin to a garment and pull it through the loop. Pull out the lanyard and tie it with 3 knots.

Hide the knot inside the loop and lock it with a machine seam.

Attach the wadding to the two layers of fabric with invisible dots scattered, in this manner the wadding will remain firm.

You can choose to leave the standard flap or enrich it with a bow created with the same fabric of the trousse.

post originale: Cucito creativo – Edizioni San Paolo


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