Saving at home – Basbousa


Hi everyone!

Here we are with another dessert from the Middle East! The Basbousa.

This cake is made with semolina, sweetened with a rose water syrup and decorated with tasty almonds. In Arab countries it is called Harisa or basbousa, while in Turkey and in Greece, Revani.

It is an irresistible dessert: soft, moist and very fragrant, which can be consumed for breakfast, a snack or served as a dessert.

Once ready, the basbousa is cut into diamond shape pieces or squares with the whole almond set in the center, giving it an unmistakable appearance.

Let’s start:


Ingredients for 4 people: Coarse semolina 250 gr – Fine semolina 100 gr – Sugar 230 gr – Coconut granules 200 gr – Eggs 2 – Baking powder for desserts 2 tablespoons • 600 kcal – Melted butter 150 gr – White yogurt 200 gr – Vanilla extract 1 tablespoon – Almonds q.b. – For flavoured syrup – Water 400 ml – Sugar 400 gr – Rose water 40 ml – Lemon juice 1 tablespoon


Prepare the syrup by mixing water, sugar, lemon juice and rose water in a saucepan: bring to a boil and pour into a glass container.

Now prepare the dough: put in a bowl the two types of semolina, sugar, baking powder and coconut seed and stir. Add eggs, melted butter, yogurt and vanilla extract and mix all the ingredients.

Pour the dough into a buttered oven dish and level well.

Boil the almonds in a saucepan with water, and then remove the outer skin (you can use the almonds already shelled, to speed up the time, but also with their skin or cut in small pieces.

Divide the mixture into squares, helping yourself with a knife, and add a peeled almond on each square. Cook at 190 ºF. for 40 minutes.

Take the cake out of the oven, pour over the previously prepared rose water syrup, and continue cooking at 190 º C. for another 15 minutes. Once ready, let your basbousa cool before serving.

Variant: The rose water can be replaced with orange blossom water or make a mix of both aromatic waters.

Enjoy your meal!

original recipe:


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