DIY (82) – Plastic bottle recycle 5: bracelets

Hi everyone!!!

Here we are on our fifth date with plastic recycling.

In a previous post we saw how to make beautiful bracelets by rolling the fabric on a lanyard.

The procedure of today’s project is very similar, but the fabric will be twisted around the plastic bracelet cut out from the bottles.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 82




1 plastic bottle – glue – fabric scrap – little filling (optional)

First cut out the bracelets from the bottle and prepare the stripes of colored fabric.

Now glue the beginning of your strip of cloth inside the bracelet. Proceed in this way until you cover all the plastic.

Once you have covered the entire bracelet, cut the excess fabric leaving a piece to glue in the inside.

If you want a bracelet a bit more full-bodied, you can attach on the plastic, before twisting the fabric, some pieces of padding and then proceed with the coating.

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