Saving at home – Eggplant pie


Hi everyone!

The eggplant pie is a delicious dish and very simple to do, perfect to serve as a main course during a dinner with friends or family.

Let’s start:


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Ingredients for 4 people: 2 melanzane – 6 pomodori – 1 scalogno – 1 spicchio d’aglio – basilico fresco – ricotta salata q.b. – olio extravergine di oliva – sale – pepe


You can choose whether to make single portions, but you can also make a unique pan.

First of all, take care of the eggplantsCut them into rather thin slices and then drain them so as to remove excess water. To do this, put them in a colander and cover with coarse salt for at least half an hour, if you have time it would be better even for an hour.

Meanwhile, prepare the tomato sauce. Cut the tomatoes coarsely and meanwhile heat the oil in a saucepan with a clove of garlic in a shirt and chopped shallot. Now add the tomatoes and cook for about twenty minutes, salt and pepper.

When the sauce is concentrated and the eggplants are purged, grill the latter. 

Now all you have to do is go make the cakes. In practical single-portions, arrange a slice of eggplant, a grated salted ricotta cheese and tomato. Repeat until you have created three or four layers.

Put each eggplant pie in the oven at 180 º C for about 10 minutes.

Once ready, finish with a sprinkling of salted ricotta cheese and fresh basil

Enjoy your meal!

original recipe:

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