DIY (96) – Fabric twine from scraps

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll be sharing a super fun project for all you sewing fans out there! I’m pretty sure you have an overabundance of fabric scraps, just as myself; and there’ve been many times when you thought about simply throwing them away because you couldn’t see anything good coming out of a big pile of fabric strips that are way too thin to use in sewing projects.

Well, you were wrong! Here I’ll show you how to make your own fabric twine so you can create tons of beautiful projects with all those scraps you’ve been saving for ages! Nothing goes to waste when it comes to fabric, right? And this scrap fabric twine project is perfect for this kind of scraps!

Let’s start!

DIY N. 96



fabric scraps in assorted colors about 1/2″ wide (1 cm) – scissors – large spools (preferably) or something else large enough to wind your twine on to (I made my own). – finger moistener (optional but very helpful)

Before you start here’s a tip: it helps to have moist fingers, it will make the process a little faster and the twine will end up tighter and stronger. So keep a finger moistener on hand, just in case.

Gather all your fabric scraps and cut or tear into strips of different lengths. I din’t have the patience to use my scissors on all so I ripped most of the strips.

Start by using one short and one long strip and tie them together with a knot.

Slide the knot under something heavy to keep strips still (like a stack of books, or a large flower pot or even your sewing machine).

Twist each strip towards your right.

Then twist each strip around each other. Work in small areas.

Follow the above steps until you finish the short strip.

To add another strip and join, just leave a tail of about 1″ and wrap the new strip around it.

Make sure both your strips don’t finish at the same time or your join may be weakened; that’s why is best to start with one short and one long strip.

You can also insert a thread in between the fabric strips. By rolling it around the fabric, it will help to keep it together.

When done, end with another knot.

Then just wrap the twine around spools.

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