DIY (98) – Homemade stamps

Hi everyone!

Would you like to create your own greeting cards?

There are many ways for creating beautiful ones, but today’s idea is really easy and will give a boost to your creativity!

I’m talking of homemade stamps. Once you make these ones you will be able to re use them a million times.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 98



tiny boxes or large bottle caps – twine (thick) – hot glue – acrylic colors – paint brush – cardstock (colored or white, as you prefer)

First of all, choose a tiny box or a large bottle cap that will be the base of your stamp.

It’s very important that it’s quite stiff and strong for your stamp to work well.

Now you can use two ways to create your stamps: with hot glue (you will need to transfer a design on your box and then go over it with the hot glue), or, the quickest way (and also the best at the beginning), using twine.

Create spirals or go over a drawing that you printed from the internet and stick it with glue o your box/cap.

For this post I made straight lines and spirals, which are very simple and you can do them yourself.

I suggest to use quite a thick twine: the stamp will definitely work better!

Now choose the color and apply it to your stamp with a paintbrush on the cardstock. I used acrylic colors and it’s best to add very little water (and I mean very little, it may be enough to put the brush in a bit of water and then in the color), so that it won’t dry out while you apply it on the stamp.

Hope you liked this idea!

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY.


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