DIY (100) – Nail Polish Marbled Mugs

Hi everyone!

We all love craft projects that are way easier, quicker, and cheaper than they look, am I right? Take, for instance, this set of uber-classy marbled mugs that look like something you’d pick up at a museum gift shop.

Even more amazing — these beauties pretty much make themselves. I’m not even kidding. All it takes is some warm water, plain ceramic mugs (or teacups), some nail polish and a few spare minutes to create a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind set you’ll be proud to own.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 100



Plain ceramic drinkware (white or off-white works well) – Warm water (if you’ve got especially hard water in your area, use filtered or distilled water) – container large enough to completely submerse your mugs in (Should not be used for food afterward) – Skewer or toothpick – Bottles of nail polish in complementary colors (the newer the polish, the better)

Pour Polish

Fill your container with warm water. With the bottle close to the water’s surface, pour in a little bit of polish (in random squiggles). The polish should spread upon the surface.

If your polish sinks to the bottom, you’re probably pouring too high above the surface. If your polish doesn’t spread across the surface of the water, try one or both of the following: a) use distilled or filtered water instead of tap water; or b) use newly-opened nail polish.


Working quickly, use your skewer or toothpick to swirl the polish, breaking up any concentrated clumps as you go.

Dip Slowly

Once the polish has spread thinly across the surface, slowly dip your mug into the water, avoiding the rim of the mug so your lips won’t be touching nail polish while drinking from it.

Lift your mug. The thin layer of polish should have transferred from the surface of the water to your mug to create a marbled effect. Pretty, eh? Set your mug on a piece of paper to dry.

Skim Off Excess Polish

If you plan to make more, use your skewer or toothpick to remove any excess polish that remains on the surface of the water so that it doesn’t cling to your next mug.

Mixing Colors

Once you’ve gotten the hang of working with a single color, start swirling together two or three colors together. Since you’re working against the clock, I’d recommend not using more than three colors in a single dip.

Hope you liked this idea!

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY.

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