DIY (101) – Nail Polish Bottle vases

Hi everyone!

Got a few empty nail polish bottles laying around? Upcycle them into colorful flower bud vases! What’s great about this DIY tutorial is that you probably have most (if not all) of these craft supplies at home, which makes this a really easy and cheap project to make.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 101



Dry or almost empty nail polish bottle – Disposable plastic cup – Spray paint (color of your choice) – Newspaper – Button – Yarn, ribbon or twine – Scissors

Peel off any existing labels from the nail polish bottle. If it does not remove easily, try soaking it in warm water.

Pour any remaining nail polish from the bottle into a plastic cup and toss out. 

Place the bottle on newspaper sheets to protect your workspace and spray paint until it is completely covered. A few light coats should do the trick. Follow the manufacturer’s directions when painting and always work in a well-ventilated area. Let dry.

Run the button through your yarn until it reaches the center of the yarn. Wrap the yarn around the top of the bottle. Tie a knot at the back of the bottle or behind the button and cut off any excess yarn.

Before adding water or a flower bud to the vase, make sure the nail polish inside the bottle is completely dry. You may need to let it dry overnight. Dab a qtip or toothpick inside to check before proceeding.

Hope you liked this idea!

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY.

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