Today’s horoscope – April 16th, 2021

Here we are again today with our daily horoscope appointment!

How to start the day well? With the horoscope!!!

A way to relax and think about cheerful things given the particular moment that we are all living.

Have a nice day!


Dear Aries, nn love, you have something important to say, this is the day for clarity. If you have a polemical speech to make by tonight. In the emotional field, this is a difficult time to get what you want. In the field of work, you have to break even, in recent times you have incurred too much expense. It’s a good day for your health.


Dear Taurus, in love, you are trying to solve a personal problem. If you want to approach a person, know that Venus is in a favorable position. If things don’t go exactly the way you want them to, try not to get angry. In the field of work, this is the right time to observe not to make plans, but from April 19 you will host many planets in your zodiacal space. At the end of the month there will be news and confirmations. In health, you feel much better.


Dear Gemini, in love, even if the stars are favorable you must work harder. Today you could make some interesting meetings. Busy day and with many positive emotions. On the work front comes a confirmation, you will not stand still. For freelancers by the end of the year there will be a nice proposal to carry out. Take care of the physical appearance.


Dear Cancer, in love, plan something for Sunday, when the Moon will be in your sign. You are more determined and positive than usual and this makes you even more energetic. With these important stars, why don’t you start to evaluate a work project? Between the end of May and June, new assignments may come. You should get more sleep.


Dear Leo, today there will be little space for love, the new stories are not so convincing. Paolo Fox’s horoscope recommends not to leave the certain for the uncertain. If you have been promised something new in your work it seems that you have to wait a little longer. A person who trusted you can no longer be trusted. You’re feeling a little dizzy at this time.


Dear Virgo, in love, today’s dissonant moon does not bring about heavy discussions, but only a little intolerance. If you’re dating someone who’s been bothering you for some time, you might actually get angry for the next two days. In the workplace, it’s time to think about making some small changes. In health, you need to find some inner tranquility.


Dear Libra, from this moment you can experience a few more emotions, the stars come back active and from May 9 will be even more. In this period you can definitely close with a love now irretrievable, those who are left alone can find another point of reference. Those who have had an economic downturn do not recover immediately, but this does not mean that the future is compromised. Rest more, you are very tired.


Dear Scorpio, maximum caution in love. This Friday might bring some second thoughts. You feel like leaving for a distant island. Your creativity is to the roof, but you have to solve some economic problems. In short, there are intuitions but it is difficult to put them into practice. In health, it is a time when you feel very tired.


Dear Sagittarius, today’s opposite Moon suggests a little attention in the bonds of love. Relationships that are too complicated are bound to break down. In the field of work, don’t be too impatient and if something escapes you, postpone the decisions to a better time. You need a breather, you’re too stressed and you have too much to deal with.


Dear Capricorn, this is a positive day for feelings, while on Sunday there may be some extra gear: attention. Even long-lived couples must pay attention to the problems that arise because of the fear of making mistakes. The new work responsibilities weigh heavily, but this is not a complicated horoscope like the one at the beginning of the month, and so you can resume quota. In health, there’s a bit of nervousness to overcome.


Dear Aquarius, it is a positive day to talk. If there is tension in the relationship, the horoscope by Paolo Fox suggests to clarify immediately. If there have been problems in the past it is better to seek a compromise. In regards to work, the last part of April will be less fruitful than the first, in these days it is better to observe than act. Get some physical strength back.


Dear Pisces, those who have experienced difficult moments in love, in this period must strive to close with the past. Try to be positive, on this Friday you seem rather nervous. Tiring day at work, if you have to make an important speech, or carry out a project, the horoscope of Paolo Fox recommends to do so from April 19. For the sake of your health try not to overeat your body and do everything calmly.

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