DIY (102) – Easy Fabric Baskets

Hi everyone!

These little fabric baskets are so useful to organize things around the house!  These mini fabric baskets from Easy Peasy Creative are just what you need.  Use them in the office, sewing room, playroom, and more.

If you want larger boxes, you will just have to double the measures of the fabric,

Let’s start!

DIY N. 102



2 x 9″ (23 cm) square of canvas fabric for outer and inner basket (or heavy weight cotton fabric, or interfaced medium weight cotton fabric) – 3″ square of medium weight interfacing – quilting clips – seam gauge – scissors – matching thread – point turner – sewing machine – pressing iron

Start by placing the fabrics right sides together.

Clip and sew with 1/4″ around the perimeter, pivoting the fabrics at corners and leaving a 2″ gap in one side.

Center the interfacing using a seam gauge and press with the iron to fuse to the wrong side of the inner fabric.

Clip and trim the corners.

Turn the fabrics right side out.

Push the corners out with the point turner and smooth out the seams.

Push the gap inside 1/4″ (0,5 cm) and press.

Top stitch around the entire perimeter, pivoting the fabric at corners.

With the fabric inner side up, fold the square on the diagonal.

Grab the seam gauge and measure 3″ in from one corner.

Then trace a 3″ line perpendicular to the edge.

Sew across this line, backstitching start and end.

Repeat for all corners to create 4 flaps.

Iron press the bottom on all 4 edges. The interfacing will fold up about 1/4″ too, giving you a nice crisp bottom.

Fold the flaps to one side, all to the same direction.

For my version I didn’t use the interfacing fabric an I added two buttons. The result will be a softer box.

Hope you liked this idea!

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY.

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