DIY (114) – T-shirt necklace

Hi everyone!

I’m sure you have old t-shirts in your closet.

Let’s see this simple recycling idea.

All you need is an old t-shirt and decorative beads and stones.

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 114



old t-shirt – gems – beads – decorative stones of your choice – needle and thread – hot glue

First of all cut your t-shirt in strips (not too thin, about 3 cm).

Twist each piece around itself to create a tubolar shape.

Join all the pieces together using needle and thread.

Make it quite long if you want a thick necklace. Close the ends (you will get one big circle).

Out of the big circle, make many of them in order to create your necklace.

Once you have decided the different lengths, cover with a little piece of t-shirt a square that you will use to cover the closing knot.

Now you can decorate your necklace with beads, glitter etc.

I hope you liked today’s DIY.

Hope to see you tomorrow with another easy project!

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