Today’s horoscope – May 2nd, 2021

Here we are again today with our daily horoscope appointment!

How to start the day well? With the horoscope!!!

A way to relax and think about cheerful things given the particular moment that we are all living.

Have a nice day!


Dear Aries, good news in love. A new love can soon arrive ready to knock on your door. Those who have been single for a long time, therefore, may soon find their soul mate. It is up to you to seize the opportunities that will present us. Venus, on the other hand, returns favorable.


Dear Taurus, according to the horoscope of Paolo Fox today, in love you must be careful not to make missteps that you would pay heavily. Venus and Mercury have entered your sign, so good news is coming. Even at work, there could be good satisfactions. After so many sacrifices, you can reap the rewards.


Dear Gemini, at work, do not make hasty decisions. If you have been offered a new career opportunity, consider the pros and cons before you accept. As they say, whoever leaves the old road for the new, knows what he leaves but does not know what he finds. Venus in the sign brings beautiful news in love.


Dear Cancer, you are doing a lot and by the end of May you could get positive answers at the work level: a project that you have worked on for a long time can be realized. Favorite new arrangements for those looking for other professional experiences. Besides from Saturday Jupiter is in the mark. What more do you want?


Dear Leo, according to Paul Fox’s horoscope today you have a lot of unfinished business that you need to clear up as soon as possible. There’s no point in keeping it all inside. In general, do not put too much fire into the fire: if you take too many commitments, you risk not to carry them out or do so with poor quality. In general a weekend that will bring good news.


Dear Virgo, excellent situation from the sentimental point of view for your sign. You will have a weekend full of energy, to spend the best in every field. If you are reluctant to change, both in love and at work, you may finally find the courage to turn your life around. Many satisfactions on the professional front.


Dear Libra, there are sentimental problems that you have been dragging along and that will not be solved so easily. Luckily now Venus is favorable again, and this is always good news for your sign. However, there may be discussions on the work front, with colleagues and superiors. Keep calm.


Dear Scorpio, according to Paolo Fox’s horoscope of today (May 2nd), soon there may be storms on a sentimental level, with Mars that with its energy could bring tension and nervousness. Be careful if you have any outstanding legal and financial issues. It is better to resolve them before it is too late.


Dear Sagittarius, you will soon be called to make important choices for your future. You often don’t like changes, but you have to accept them anyway, but what else can you do? Especially on the work front you may receive proposals that will cast doubt on your certainties.


Dear Capricorn, planets favorable for your sign. It will therefore be a weekend of tranquility and relaxation. Both in love and in work, things are going well. Some of you may have discussions or financial problems to solve: perhaps you have spent more than expected.


Dear Aquarius, according to today’s horoscope by Paolo Fox, you are convinced of your ideas and are willing to do anything to defend them. Even at the cost of antagonizing those around you. However, caution is needed, because these days you have opposite Venus and Mars. You have many projects to realize, but don’t get carried away by anxiety.


Dear Pisces, certainly for your sign this is a happy and comfortable time. You don’t have that much trouble on your mind anymore, and that’s good enough. In any case do not run too much and proceed with caution, because you know the hurry is bad counselor. This weekend things are not going well in love. Maybe it’s time to take a break for reflection?

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