DIY (119) – Rose bouquet

Hi everyone!!

Here we go with another DIY for Mother’s Day.

This rose bouquet is so nice and esay to make!

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 119



red cardstock – scissors – glue – ribbon – toothpick

Begin by cutting many circles from the red card. Cut from the outside towards the inside (creating a spiral)

Roll the beginning of the spiral with a toothpick (the shape will be cleaner this way). Remove the toothpick and continue rolling until you have obtained a rose that you will fix with a little glue.

Make many roses this way.

Make a ball of paper and attach the stem that you have created by rolling a strip of paper or with a simple stick kebab coated with ribbon that you will insert into the ball.

Apply all the roses to cover the entire surface of the ball.

Finish by applying a colored ribbon on the stem.

Et voilà, your bouquet is ready!

I hope you enjoyed today’s idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY!

Video tutorial:

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