DIY (129) – Vase decoration with rope

Hi everyone!!!

Do yow want to turn a simple glass jar into an elegant vase for your plants?

It’s so easy! Follow the tutorial below.

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 129



mason jar – rope (better if thick)

First, make a loop around the base of the neck of the vase.

Cut 12 pieces of rope twice the height of the pot.

Create a knot like in the picture above.

Go ahead until you have used all the threads.

Take a thread from a knot and add it to the next one.

Proceed in this manner until you have covered the whole vase.

Turn the vase around and create a ring with another piece of string.

At this point, attach the knots made earlier to this ring created on the base of the vessel.

Turn the vase around again and attach the string also on the edge of the vase.

Your rope-covered vase is ready!

Follow the video tutorial in the link below.

Video tutorial:

I hope you enjoyed today’s idea.

See you tomorrow with another DIY!


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