DIY (131) – Fimo clock with mandala decoration

Hi everyone!!!

Today we will see how to make a beautiful clock with the pasta fimo (strictly homemade!).

To decorate it I printed mandalas that I glued (but you can also use carbon paper), on the surface (dry), bicarbonate paste.

You don’t you know how to make baking soda fimo?

Here is the link link!

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 131



water – baking soda – corn starch (cornstarch) – mandala designs – charcoal paper – acrylic colors – clock mechanism (found costing very little on Amazon) – strong glue (bostik type) – charcoal paper (if you want to transfer the design instead of glue it)

First prepare the fimo sheet by rolling it very well with the rolling pin. It is important to calculate the space needed to insert the mechanism of the watch (this must be fixed with a small bolt, supplied in the package and usually allows a thickness of about 0.5 cm).

Set aside a little baking soda dough to make the support for your clock.

Print the mandala of the size of the plate. Cut the bicarbonate paste.

Make a hole in the center of the base and let it dry. Once perfectly dry (in the air), glue the image on the base of the clock. You can also transfer the image, after giving a base of white acrylic or cementite, with charcoal paper.

With the leftover of the fimo paste create a cylinder; this will be the support for your clock.

Attach the cylinder to the panel (be careful, all these operations must be done with the bicarbonate paste completely dry).

Now all you have to do is paint with acrylic colors!

Insert the mechanism. Your clock is ready.


If you want to make this project a bit easier, I suggest you use a rather simple design to begin with.

You can also do it in a single color, perhaps giving it a slightly different shape from the rectangle shown here.

I hope you liked today’s idea!

See you tomorrow for another DIY!

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