Today’s horoscope – May 22nd, 2021

Here we are again today with our daily horoscope appointment!

How to start the day well? With the horoscope!!!

A way to relax and think about cheerful things given the particular moment that we are all living.

Have a nice day!


Dear Aries, worries are not lacking this weekend, but you can count on a good physical strength. You may feel low, but the desire to make up for lost time does not stop you. A strange Moon, however, could put you in contrast with others and some tension could inevitably relate to love.


Dear Taurus, a liberation is underway. This is a good year that also brings you a great desire to do what you like and interest you. Beauty and intelligence are your qualities. You are always very loyal, you are always very outspoken. And on this weekend you are also very attractive and can make great gains.


Dear Gemini, According to the Paolo Fox’s horoscope, you are in a period of great recovery, but over the next few months many will have a small or big turnaround, depending on the preparation you have. In love, with Venus and Sun looking great, there are good news. Especially for those who are single, and could soon meet a special person.


Dear Cancer, Paolo Fox’s horoscope for May 22nd positive, there is an effective sky that will do you much good. It’s a summer that helps you do great things, think about projects for fall and winter, with Jupiter looking great from next year. But now this will not authorize you to throw yourself headlong into things. You must always be cautious and prudent, and evaluate objectively the proposals that you will certainly receive shortly.


Dear Leo, you are a bit subdued, the issues of work are little rewarding. There are momentary satisfactions and not constructive. There are choices to be made, or you have to start from scratch. You have a beautiful Venus, even a good Mercury and interesting Sun that announces a really beautiful summer for feelings.


Dear Virgo, it’s a better weekend, an interesting sky and that invites you to be also constructive. You will be able to plan and use this condition to try to think about the future in a more optimistic way. Put aside the grudges and perplexities that have characterized the last few days.


Dear Libra, in his horoscope, Paolo Fox reminds you that loving you is easy. If you don’t like someone, it doesn’t matter. But if anyone is in your heart, show them all your nobility of mind. Do not love revenge, but if someone has hurt you, react with superiority and go forward proud of yourselves, showing carelessness of the past even in love. Always keep your heart open and generous to those who appreciate your qualities. The Moon enters your sign this weekend.


Dear Scorpio, you recover after a difficult period. You are now more fatalistic than in the past, but you should have a constant attitude. You are very strong days, you are careless of difficulties and you do not seem to worry too much. But then there are other days in which you are very pessimistic, you dress your head before time and you feel demotivated. Finding a compromise might help you get by.


Dear Sagittarius, there is a recovery on Saturday and Sunday. The fire signs during the summer will manage to do what has not been possible in the last two years. It’s an important sky for agreements. There are issues that concern written documents that need to be reviewed, so be careful about clauses, rents and agreements made on paper.


Dear Capricorn, according to the horoscope by Paolo Fox, on Saturday and Sunday you will be tested with a dissonant Moon, but in general luck and energy will not be lacking on weekends. So keep your spirits up, and try to get along with those close to you, without being too picky.


Dear Aquarius, according to Paolo Fox’s horoscope for the weekend, you are agitated because you have to make important choices. You do not like to follow the mass, but sometimes the need to go against the current could be very tiring to satisfy. And so many could opt for the simplest and smoothest choice, even if somehow it does not fully meet their expectations.


Dear Pisces, there are tensions determined by the Moon, but today you will feel better. There were torments related to family, relatives and for this you were sad. What happens in the walls of the house is fundamental for you, you are very close to the family, to the house, but maybe something has changed and you have realized that you cannot go on as in the past, something has yet to change.

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