Saving at home – Cheese canapés with olive paté


Hi everyone!

Suitable for a special lunch or dinner, these cheese canapés with olive paté are a delicate and refined appetizer.

It is an extremely simple preparation to make and delicious to the sight, which can be prepared really in a flash, when the other courses are already ready and guests already seated at the table.

To soften the intense and bursting taste of olives, mix with cream cheese: delicate, creamy and even more delicious after put them in the oven.

As a basis for preparing them you can choose whether to use ready-made crackers, or sliced bread.

In any case, your olive paté tarts will be excellent, because their strength lies in the combination of the two ingredients and especially in the creaminess and fragrance of the cream cheese.

Let’s start:


Ingredients for 4 people: 100 g Certosa Galbani – alcune fette di pane o crackers – paté d’oliva


To prepare the canapés with olive paté, arrange the crackers on a baking sheet or cut the bread in slices (rather thin) and divide them in order to get some morsels.

Put a little of cream cheese on the pieces of bread, without exaggerating with the portions so that it does not leak once it is heated. Bake the preparations for a few minutes at 180º, until the cheese begins to melt and, once out of the oven, put on the cheese a layer of olive pate.

You can serve your cold olive paté canapés or bake them again until they cool; in any case you will have a great appetizer, simple and fast.

Enjoy your meal!

original recipe:


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