DIY (158) – Castle Pop-Up

Hi everyone!!!

This castle pop-up card is really easy to do and the result is absolutely amazing!

All you need to do is to color it and follow the tutorial below. It’s a great project for kids but also for adults.

You can make it a bit more sophisticated by adding other elements such as trees and people.

It’s a very useful template because you can use it, when more experienced, with more complex shapes.

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 158



white cardstock – glue – colors (markers or inks) – scissors – printer

Print the template in the size you need. Below you will find it in png format below.

Cut out the shape and color.

Fold dotted line A into the castle, make sure to crease the fold well! Then, unfold the sheet.

Fold dotted line B into the castle and unfold.

Fold dotted line C into the castle, DO NOT UNFOLD the sheet.

Fold dotted line D (middle of castle), so that when you look at the paper folded, the castle illustration is face out.

Fold a sheet of construction paper in half.

With the glue stick the underside of the green section of the castle.

With your folded construction paper facing you like a book, fit the castle into the crevice made by the fold, making sure the paper is tucked tightly into the crevice of the construction paper.

When the ‘book is open wide, the castle cutout should be creased facing the opposite way of the construction paper.

The castle will collapse forward into the book when closed.

I hope you liked today’s craft idea!

See you tomorrow with another DIY!!!

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