Today’s horoscope – June 16th, 2021

Here we are again today with our daily horoscope appointment!

How to start the day well? With the horoscope!!!

A way to relax and think about cheerful things given the particular moment that we are all living.

Have a nice day!


Dear Aries, the advice is to postpone important discussions for the moment, because the stars are not fully favorable. In particular avoid clashes with the ex. At work there may soon be interesting news. Evaluate pros and cons before accepting any offers, otherwise you risk making things worse.


Dear Taurus, according to today’s horoscope by Paolo Fox, love for those who have a stable relationship is good, while the new loves must be careful because not everything goes in the right direction. You must first get to know each other to understand if it is a story that can have a future. At work you would like more freedom and autonomy.


Dear Gemini, the problems on this day will not be lacking. Why not talk about it with your partner? If he really is your companion, he will also be a very good confidante, ready to gather anxieties and fears. At work you are short-tempered and easily lose patience, avoid arguments and keep calm.


Dear Cancer, according to Paolo Fox’s horoscope there may be some tension and conflict in tomorrow’s day, so try to stay calm and not take it personally for everything. On the other hand, the Moon is in opposition, so the invitation is to caution. At work, even in small things, you have to put the maximum of attention and care.


Dear Leo, emotions are increasingly alive and growing, and the closer July approaches the more you will experience unforgettable situations and sensations. From the 27th of this month also Venus will be in the sign and protects you in love. If you are single for a long time, you can find the soul mate. At work your insight and desire to break through will take you far.


Dear Virgo, according to today’s horoscope by Paolo Fox, this Moon protects and assists you and is already a great thing. Take the opportunity to enjoy an evening in the company of the people you love, from your partner to friends of a lifetime, with whom you know that you can confide and be yourself without being judged. At work you are very determined but patience is also needed.


Dear Libra, if there are tensions and misunderstandings in the couple, avoid quarrels for futile reasons: you will end up making things worse. Instead, try to get the peace back. Wait after the 27th to deal with important issues. At work things are not going well. It takes patience or start looking around.


Dear Scorpio, according to today’s horoscope by Paolo Fox (June 16), you are slowly recovering your relationship with your partner after some moments of great tension. If you have started a new relationship, proceed with caution. It takes time to really know a person. Look for stability and serenity even at work.


Dear Sagittarius, avoid losing patience and getting impatient with those you love, otherwise you might say a few words too much and repent. On the job something is not going as you would like. Keep calm and do not quarrel with colleagues and superiors. But try to understand why a project goes on so slowly.


Dear Capricorn, according to the horoscope the Moon protects your relationships, especially from the afternoon. In the morning then try not to overdo. This also applies to the working sphere. Better to do less things but do it well and be able to engrave. Otherwise, you risk going on by inertia alone.


Dear Aquarius, avoid grudges and put aside old discussions and quarrels, especially if they concern long-standing friends whom you have alienated because of your pride. Try to reconnect. This is also true in love. The work goes well and this is a moment to be exploited.


Dear Pisces, according to today’s horoscope by Paolo Fox, there may be strong discussions on this day but they will not lead to anything concrete in love. If there’s been an argument, it’s a long way to go to get the peace back. At work you are doing too much at the same time and you risk getting too tired, as well as doing nothing to the best of your qualities and abilities.

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