DIY (160) – Hot glue ideas (2): sealing wax

Hi everyone!!!

Here we go with another idea using hot glue.

Do you have a special letter and you would like to close the envelope in a special way?

Nothing more easy! All you need to do is to use hot glue as a sealing wax.

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 160



hot glue – coin or an old metal stamp – envelope – small plastic bottle or other cylindrical bottle to create your stamp.

Be sure that the hot glue is really hot before beginning.

Glue the coin or stamp on a little cylindrical object in order to create a stamp.

Pour a bit of hot glue on the fold you want to close (try to pour it in a circulare shape).

Wait a few seconds and place the stamp on the glue.

And there you go, your envelope is closed.

I hope you liked today’s craft idea!

See you tomorrow with another DIY!!!

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