DIY (176) – Twine made from plastic bags

Hi everyone!!!

How much plastic do we all have in our homes that we don’t know how to recycle?

Well, from plastic bags you can get this beautiful twine. You just need some patience to wrap around the pieces.

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 176



plastic bags – clasp

First of all, choose a plastic bag (colored ones turn out so nice).

Put the plastic bag on the table and cut the closed end.

Cut the bag in strips (leaving it double), on the length.

You should get something like this:

Take two pieces and join them together making a loop and tighten to make a knot.

Now keep the first piece fixed on the table with the help of a clasp.

Turn the plastic around itself until you are close to the end of the piece. Join another one always using the loop system.

Continue until you finish the strips.

Wrap the twine in a ball.

Your plastic twine is ready!!!

I hope you liked today’s craft idea!

See you tomorrow with another DIY!!!

p.s. I did it by hand, but if you plan to make it in big quantities, you can use the method in the following video tutorial 😉

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