Today’s horoscope – Monthly Horoscope – July 2021

Here we are again today with our daily horoscope appointment!

How to start the day well? With the horoscope!!!

A way to relax and think about cheerful things given the particular moment that we are all living.

I ask you a bit of patience… Unlike usual, today I put the horoscope of the whole month instead of day by day… Hopefully, in August, I will again post it back daily or at least weekly 😉

Have a nice day!


Dear Aries, the July horoscope sees you as protagonists. Everything you have planned under the working environment can finally be realized. Even business that you had been in the pipeline for a long time, will finally come to fruition. Pay particular attention to the events of 6, 7 and 12, very fruitful for concluding meetings. Make full use of every resource and above all, put your intuition into action. Love goes well.


Dear Taurus, although your expectations will be disappointed, try to keep calm and do not throw everything away. This is not, in fact, an appropriate time to leave the certain for the uncertain. Students in the process of examinations would do well to manage anxiety so as not to run into negative results. Keep negative emotions at bay especially from 12 to 18. Traders will still have to struggle to achieve significant results. Even in love you will live complicated situations!


Dear Gemini, there is a certain stability in the work. Whoever is looking for a first job, must accept what is offered to him. With time and the first bonuses, you will then be able to overcome roles and levels. For craftsmen, stylists and designers, it will be a very fertile period. A month of feelings, demonstrations, confirmations and confirmations. Whatever relationship you are living, it will be rich in sharing.


Dear Cancer, between July 12th and 23rd great positivity thanks to the agreement of Jupiter and Mercury. Contacts and agreements could be simplified. Good things come, however, with the right calm. So, do not be hasty. From 19, also, with the presence of Mercury, good news in view for expected requests. The July 2021 horoscope announces an advantageous period for entrepreneurs. The stars are in favor of feelings, even for those in search of summer loves.


Dear Leo, it is time to realize every idea to increase your monetary revenues. From the 12th the Moon is active in the sign. This is a significant month in love. The horoscope of July 2021 favors cohabitation and new knowledge. This July sky will give you intriguing and passionate emotions.


Dear Virgo, it is time to realize every idea to increase your monetary revenues. From the 12th the Moon is active in the sign. This is a significant month in love. The horoscope of July 2021 favors cohabitation and new knowledge. This July sky will give you intriguing and passionate emotions.


Dear Libra, this month will give you positive feelings in many respects. It is time to sigh, to reap the fruits of the sacrifices made, and to set out for a better time. After months of uncertainties and professional and economic instability, it’s time to define your future. Provided it’s great! In matters of the heart the stars favor relationships born recently. For you in servant positive and passionate feelings.


Dear Scorpio, you will have difficulty in creating working harmony with leaders and colleagues. You will suffer for all that you do not like or that according to you is not logical. You will feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Although the sky is not exactly neutral, this great anxiety comes from you. Therefore, beware of the chaos that you will live. Try to keep at bay the nervousness and outbursts of anger. Especially in the early days of the month Paolo Fox advises calm.


Dear Sagittarius, in the first decade of July you will enjoy the presence of Venus and Mars in favor of the sign. The July horoscope recommends making real changes in your life. Whether it’s revolutions or small changes, even if you feel a bit lost at first, you will succeed. Your determination will be the perfect accomplice. If you also add a lot of diplomacy, you will manage not to ruin personal relationships with some loved ones. Confusion in the affairs of the heart.


Dear Capricorn, those of you who are planning new projects, will have a good wind from the 22nd onwards. Friends who have pending legal disputes may opt for a settlement. The primary feature of your sign is the constancy and awareness of your own potential. You should be able, however, to manage this dissatisfaction. Matters of the heart have positive results in this hot summer month. Focus on your feelings.


Dear Aquarius, from the professional point of view you have not concluded important collaborations. For those who are addicted, there is to iron out some old divergence with leaders or colleagues. You will have the right energy to handle any situation. So don’t get carried away by anger. It’s a challenging but manageable month.  Do not be proud and evaluate each event with the right calm.


Dear Pisces, good month, now is the time to design innovative projects and make the great leap in quality that you so hoped. As Jupiter will be your companion until the end of the month and then reappear at the end of the year, it is time to plan your choices for the future. Those of you who have suffered very economically will have new opportunities.

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