DIY (209) – Boy birth card (special cricut)

Hi everyone!!!

Here we are with an idea to create a ticket for the birth of a boy.

I used the die-cutting machine to create it, but you can easily download a lot of similar images from the Internet.

Let’s get started!!!

DIY N. 209



colored cardboard – cricut (or writings and images downloaded from internet printed on cardboard) – glue

For this card I cut an A4 cardstock in two and then I folded it in half (with a card you can then get two cards).

I inserted a background (also this blue) with embossed design.

Finally, I inserted the inscription and, voilà, your card is ready!

Obviously, for the birth of a girl, you can use the same arrangement, varying only the color.

I hope you also enjoyed today’s creative idea!

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY.


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