Saving at home – Microwave eggs


Hi everyone!

Today we will see how to prepare a recipe in a very few minutes: the microwave eggs.

The addition of mozzarella cheese will make it a delicious dish suitable for all occasions. A second course that you can prepare if you have guests at the last minute or to be included in a buffet served on a crispy toast or in an avocado cut in half.

Let’s start:


Ingredients for 4 people: 2 Eggs – 2 Slices Mozzarella cheese – salt – paprika – oil


Take two bowls suitable for the microwave and grease them on the entire surface with a little oil using a paper towel.

Break the eggs taking care to separate the egg whites from the yolks without breaking the thin membrane of the egg reds. Add Salt.

Cover the two bowls with plastic wrap suitable for microwave and place in the oven.

Activate the microwave at a power of 650 W (average power) for 40 seconds. Check the eggs and, depending on your taste, you can get them more or less firm. In case you prefer them more cooked, leave 5 seconds more.

Remove the eggs from the oven, taking care not to burn yourself.

Remove the film from the bowls and, using a spoon, move the hard-boiled egg yolks over the whites.

Cover with one of the Mozzarella slices and season with a pinch of paprika.

Enjoy your meal!

original recipe:

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