DIY (222) – Plastic bottle recycle: corianders

Hi everyone!!!

A few days ago I got hold of a colored bottle and I thought it would be nice to reuse it and I thought of corianders. Remember the ones you used to do when you were little with a simple punching machine and colored paper?

Well, these are made from colored plastic bottles.

Obviously you will have to choose bottles that are not too thick (usually the cheaper ones), so as not to break your punching machine.

The punching machine with different shapes can be found in DIY shops and sometimes even at Lidl (where they sell a box with assorted shapes).

Otherwise, especially at first you just want to try, you can use the classic punching machine (in the shape of a circle).

Believe me, the effect is very special, given the brightness of the plastic.

Let’s get started!!!

DIY N. 222



colored plastic bottles (as thin as possible) – punching machine

Cut the bottle, trying to have as smooth surface as possible.

With the punching machine cut your corianders, until the plastic is finished.

Your corianders are ready.

I was asked to create some wedding favors and put something original under the confetti bag.

But you can use them in many different ways, such as decorating greeting cards, boxes and much more.

I hope you liked also today’s creative idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY.



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