Monthly Horoscope – NOVEMBER 2021

Here we are again today with our monthly horoscope appointment!

How to start the day well? With the horoscope!!!

A way to relax and think about cheerful things given the particular moment that we are all living.

Here we are with the horoscope of Paolo Fox for the month of NOVEMBER!!! ūüėČ ūüėČ

Have a nice day!


Dear Aries, a period of absolute novelty and new opportunities begins for you. The sky supports you and Mars and Mercury are in good planetary appearance. Clean recovery in the profession and new professional opportunities. The collaborations are very positive and all the working entourage enjoys of good health. In the coming weeks you could put on the field a much desired design reaching excellent results. Good health, especially excellent emotional self-control. In love be more passionate; Venus is on your side.


Dear Taurus, the arrival of Mars could make this autumn period a bit nervous. Do not worry, its influence will be channelled through a greater presence in the work and commitments of everyday life.  Be more vigilant in business dealings and professional collaborations.  It’s not the right time to invest money or change jobs.  These are useful days to review your health, taking care of more of your psychophysical well-being.  Better to take cover with a healthy diet, practice sports, do a clinical check, apply yourself with meditation, act on your body and strive exclusively to feel good. Long-awaited news is coming in the family.


Dear Gemini, Saturn and Jupiter are still at your side, both of them are a very positive guide for situations that concern you closely. Saturn has made you more mature, more self-confident, Jupiter, on the other hand, has given you the opportunity to put on the field absolute novelties. A support that is unlikely to recur in the short term, which is why it is useful to realize as much as possible your dreams. You are blessed with luck, it will not be difficult for you to notice how in recent times things have changed for the better. Luck for a new home, a new job or a long-awaited love.s no shortage of ideas on work, in October. Very important professional relationships.


Dear Cancer, Mars stirs souls and its influence makes you extremely positive and enterprising. Excellent month to change home, renew a job, start a new professional activity, look for a new love. You are on the podium: the positive presence of the Sun and Mars enriches your daily life made of important commitments. New loves, passion for many and unexpected flirtations. Money coming through a sale, a liquidation or early retirement. Passing a quiz, a contest, an exam. Good health. a gift at the end of the year.a particularly passionate month. A gift could arrive at the end of the year.


Dear Leo, in this month we have to deal again with Saturn and Jupiter. Pay attention to your diet, you might get a few pounds too much. Better to engage in healthy physical activity and a personalized diet. Your body may suffer from a decline.  In love no important news, especially for young couples who are constantly evolving.  Month very low, especially from the professional and economic point of view.  Postpone any clarifications with a partner or collaborator to another date.


Dear Virgo, an extremely fluctuating month with few emotions and little desire to do. Neptune puts his hand through work delays, with difficulties of various kinds. Fortunately, it is love that prevails, thanks to Venus who comes to your aid from the friendly sign of Capricorn. From the day of November 5, his support is evident in the relationship of couple highlighting a small fortune and an unexpected success. In the coming weeks, take more care of your partner, while if you are looking for love it is the right time to find the soul mate, to live eros and passion, to discover a new partner, to venture into a new flirt. Change your look, practice sports, lose a few pounds.ry busy at a professional level while love will not be a priority.


Dear Libra, November is the month of reckoning, a period of ups and downs.  Despite the happy period, there is no rule out a delay in work and professional collaborations.  Better to postpone on another date any clarification with a superior.  It’s not the right weeks to invest money, let alone go shopping.  Be more vigilant in health: the risk is to somatize due to excessive stress. Be careful with the words: you might offend someone you actually care about.favorable signs are passing through, including Saturn and Mars. Beautiful sky that involves feelings.


Dear Scorpio, the presence of the Sun and Mars is a major push to implement a new design. It’s the right time to invest money, change jobs, renovate a house. These are very favorable weeks, full of news. In love there is a real love at first sight, especially if you are looking for a soul mate. Eros and passion on the podium. Plan a trip out of town, surprise your partner; a weekend in a spa might be the right choice. News in the family, with a birth or a marriage. Sharp recovery after a disease.


Dear Sagittarius, in the coming weeks you may begin to make an important change that concerns you. No matter which direction you are going, the important thing is to apply it to achieve the desired goals.  A transformation is taking place: heaven urges you to seek new, loving, professional, economic opportunities.  You are one of the most resourceful signs of the Zodiac, that is why it is better not to postpone any investments on another date.  Invest on your future: these are very favorable weeks to be able to bring home luck and success.


Dear Capricorn, Venus in the sign is a blessing. Its influence positively characterizes everyday life, love relationships, professional and social. In these weeks you could make up the lost time, especially in the job with an unexpected economic recovery. Great time to invest money, conclude business deals, buy or sell home, start a new professional business. In love, instead, there is a real love at first sight, especially if you are looking for a soul mate. Good health; with Venus at your side you take better care of your look.asts and tensions regarding the professional sphere. Love stories can be recovered.


Dear Aquarius, still on the podium: November is characterized through one success after another. For some born there will be a real estate change. Luck is at your side, especially if you have to pass a quiz, an exam, a contest. It is a positive time to start a new professional activity or change job within your job. Good love and passion, especially for older couples. Favorable days for the conclusion of a contract: 17-18 November. If you practice competitive sports the podium is all yours. a and of valid emotions. The best part of October remains the central of confirmation and valid emotions. The best part of October remains the central one.


Dear Pisces, the Sun and Mars are a godsend from heaven. Their astral influence leads you to put on the field many positive novelties, which is why it is important not to lose sight of economic investments and new professional opportunities. These are enterprising weeks, suitable to give a new touch to your life. If you are looking for love do not waste time, if you want to start a new professional business is the right time to invest in your future. Next all: the helm of life is all yours.serosi at work. Physical form to support throughout the month.

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