DIY (296) – Christmas balls with roses

Hi everyone!!!!

These Christmas balls are very easy to make and the result is incredible.

The roses in this case have been purchased ready, but if you have a bit of manuality you can do them yourself.

Let’s get started!!!




polystyrene ball (you can find it in all diy stores) – roses (you can find them ready in fabric stores or make them yourself with ribbon) – hot glue – colored ribbon – beads

Take a polystyrene ball and glue a piece of ribbon in the shape of a ring on top of it (in order to be able to hang it on the tree). Now attach the roses using hot glue.

In the blanks you insert the beads and there you go, your Christmas ball is ready.

You can indulge yourself with roses of different colors to have a very lively tree!!!

I hope you enjoyed also today’s creative idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY!!!



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