DIY (316) – Dried citrus garland

Hi everyone!!!!

With this garland you will have a beautiful decoration during the winter season.

All you need is a few oranges, bay leaves, wooden beads and thread. By placing it in a transparent bag, it will also become a special Christmas gift.

Let’s get started!!!

DIY N. 316



5-10lbs of navel oranges – 4 oz bay leaves – 15mm + 20mm wooden beads – waxed cotton thread – cotton tassel – embroidery needle – scissors

Start by drying the oranges. You’ll want to give yourself at least one day of drying time as they take about 4-5 hours per batch. Slice the navel oranges into 1/4″ slices and lay them, in a single layer, on top of a baking sheet lined with parchment – or even better, directly on top of a cooling rack. Bake at 175 degrees for 4-5 hours until the oranges are crisp dry. You won’t want any moisture remaining at all since they might develop mold and rot over time. And keep in mind that all ovens are different so be sure to check on them during the baking process every hour or so.


Once your oranges are dried, you can start assembling the garlands. You can use waxed cotton thread because it’s extremely strong and the stickiness of the wax helps threading on the elements with ease. Cut double the desired length of your garland.

Thread on a couple of wooden beads.

Insert the bay leaf in the thread with the help of a thick needle.

Continue alternating between the oranges, bay leaves and wooden beads.

Finish with a few more wooden beads and then loop the remaining waxed thread.

Your garland is ready to be hanged or placed on a plate to decorate your home. If you want the perfume to spread around your home, you can add a few drops of orange or lemon essence.

I hope you enjoyed also today’s creative idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY!!!



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