WHAT TO BUY? – Omni-Glide cordless vacuum cleaner


Today we will talk about Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners, in particular the OmniGlide model.

It is true that the price of these vacuum cleaners is higher than many others on the market, but they are also much more efficient and easy to store after use.



All Dyson Omni-glide™ cordless vacuum cleaners guarantee up to 20 minutes of autonomy², a battery without performance drops. The omnidirectional Fluffy™ brush, compatible only with the vacuum cleaner Dyson Omni-glideᵀᴹ, moves easily in any direction. Its in-line configuration allows you to bend parallel to the floor³ and clean in confined spaces

Reasons why I recommend this product:

  • Easy to use around obstacles

The flexible hose and 4 directional wheels make the vacuum cleaner Dyson Omni-glide™ easy to use around obstacles.

  • Designed for hard surfaces:

Both rollers are covered with soft nylon to capture larger debris, while antistatic black carbon fiber filaments simultaneously remove fine dust – both while going forward and backward.

  • New format

Its shape allows you to bend parallel to the floor and clean in confined spaces.


5 accessori included.

Omnidirectional Fluffy™ brush: moves in all directions. Only compatible with the Dyson Omni-glide™vacuum cleaner.

Power on with button. Folds easily on the floor to clean in tight spaces.³ Up to 20 minutes of autonomy in Eco mode.


The price of this vacuum cleaner, which also includes an extra battery worth 100 euros, is 399.00 (on the Dyson website)

For more information consult the Dyson site: https://www.dyson.it/aspirapolvere/omnidirezionale/dyson-omni-glide/acquista


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