WHAT TO BUY? – Coffee Maker


There are 5 valid reasons to give as a gift, or give yourself a coffee machine. Let’s see them:
1. The first coffee of the day is the most important: do it to your taste. …
2. You can discover the fantastic world of coffee culture: it is boundless. …
3. No one can make your ideal coffee better than you. …
4. A home espresso machine is an ecological choice, not to mention the savings side.

Let’s start!!!!



Coffee machines


You know that trope about how daily lattes from the coffee shop are the impediment to wealth? It’s more complicated than that. But, if you’d like to press the point, give your favorite coffee lover the means to make the caffeine she craves on her own.

Depending on the tastes, you could get a French press, a drip pot, a single server or an espresso maker. If your budget allows, you might also throw into her stocking your favorite brand of coffee.


Prices vary. The popular single-serving Keurig machines cost from about $55 to about $200. The best coffee makers can run $300, but you can get a really good one for much less. For example, you can get a Braun BrewSense was on sale.

Check out the 10 best coffee machines on the market:

3 risposte a “WHAT TO BUY? – Coffee Maker”

  1. My mom has definitely bought me a couple of coffee machines. I appreciate literally everything someone buys me. It’s the point they thought of me knew my little corks and kinks in life and thought I’ll get this for her lol. Coffee is in my everyday life. It’s a thing I used to pay Dunkin’ Donuts to do for me. I didn’t spend much on it weekly or monthly but this does save me gas!. That was the one major thing since I do not have one local to me.

    Piace a 1 persona

    • Yes, that’s the nice thing of having a coffee machine at home. I have a Nespresso and it’s really great! In no time you can have a very good coffee ☺️.
      Thanks for commenting. Have a nice week 🙂☀️🌺🌈

      Piace a 1 persona

      • I used to have a keurig. Well it broke within weeks. I thought ok I’ll just start to buy my coffee again lol. After a week I was done and over it. I was having to leave 1 hour before work. The lines at dunkin were taking anywhere from 30-40 minutes. Then my mom gifted me one of the most expensive machines I’ve owned in my life. It makes lattes, cappuccinos, coffee, cold coffee. It’s the one from ninja. I rather make my own I know how I like it no line to wait in it’s the best.

        "Mi piace"


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