Saving at home – Tarts with peaches


Hi everyone!

These tarts, easy to make, will be a great idea for the preparation of a last minute dessert.

Let’s start:


Ingredients for 4 people: 120 g frozen shortcrust pastry – 2 peaches – 30 g granulated sugar – 1 lemon – 1 egg – 120 ml milk – 15 g flour – a little butter (about 5 g) – 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar – a pinch of salt


Defrost the short pastry at room temperature for about 30 minutes.

Wash the lemon and grate the zest. Squeeze the juice as well.

Wash the peaches, dry them and cut them in half and then into thin slices. Pour the lemon juice on top of them.

Beat the egg in a pan with 20 g of sugar. Keep stirring until it is soft and fluffy. Add the flour, a little grated lemon peel and a pinch of salt. Finally dilute the mixture with milk.

Put the pan on low heat and, always stirring, bring the cream to a boil (about 3 minutes), over low heat. Let it cool, stirring often.

Heat the oven at 180 ºC.

Roll out the shortcrust pastry on a worktop 3 mm thick with a rolling pin.

Grease and flour 2 baking moulds with a diameter of 10 cm.

Line them with shortcrust pastry cutting out the excess.

Spread a layer of cream on each tart. Lay a few slices of peach, overlapping like a fan. Sprinkle with the remaining granulated sugar.

Bake for 15 minutes or until the surface is golden brown.

Remove from the oven and, before serving, sprinkle with the remaining icing sugar.

Enjoy your meal!

original recipe:

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