Saving at home – Easter savoury pie (Pasqualina)


Hi everyone!

Here we are with a last-minute recipe for the Easter lunch: A tasty savory cake that, thanks to its colors, also puts joy.

Let’s start:


Ingredients for 4 people: 150 ml water – 125 g flour – 125 g Manitoba Flour – 2 tablespoons olive oil – 1/2 teaspoon of salt. FOR THE FILLING: 600 g Spinach frozen or 1 kg fresh – 300 g Ricotta cheese – 6 Eggs – 50 g Parmesan – 1 onion – Extra virgin olive oil – a pinch of nutmeg -salt and pepper. TO BRUSH: 1 egg yolk


FOR THE DOUGH: Mix the two flours in a bowl and make a hole in the center.
Add the extra virgin olive oil and salt and turn with a spoon.

Keep turning and add the water at room temperature until you have added it all. Knead the dough vigorously until you get a smooth and homogeneous dough.Let the dough stand while you prepare the filling for the cake Pasqualina.

FOR THE FILLING: Boil plenty of lightly salted water and cook the frozen or fresh spinach. Cook for about 10 minutes then drain and put them in a colander by draining away all the water.Put in a pan the extra virgin olive oil and finely chopped onion then add the cooked and wrung out spinach and cook for about 10 minutes. Put in a pan bowl the ricotta cheese, two of the 6 eggs (the others you will have to put whole after) the grated parmesan, a pinch of salt, pepper and marjoram and nutmeg. Mix well.

COMPOSE THE CAKE PASQUALINA: cut the doygh into two parts the. Roll out both the very thin dough in order to get two sheets. Put the first sheet on a pan and bucherellate the base. Put the cooked spinach and even the surface. Add on the cooked spinach the mixture of ricotta and eggs and level the surface.

Make 4 holes on the layer of ricotta and shell the whole eggs. Cover the cake Pasqualina with the second sheet of dough. Brush the surface of the Pasqualina cake with beaten egg yolk. Bake the cake in preheated oven at 180° for about 35 minutes until it turns out golden. Bake the Easter cake and let it cool.

Enjoy your meal!

original recipe:

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