DIY (140) – Pencil earrings

Hi everyone!!!

Here we are with another easy project!

Do you know how many things you can do with simple pencils? Today we will see how to make a nice pair of earrings.

I left them in their natural color, but you can also use acrylics for more vivid tones.

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 140



pencils (sharpened as much as possible) – rings – hooks – pliers – drill

Sharpen your pencils so that they’re very short.

Make a hole on the top with a small drill or with a very small tip.

Insert the ring and the hook.

Repeat the same procedure with the second pencil.

Your earrings are ready!!!

I hope you liked today’s craft idea.

See you tomorrow with another DIY!


DIY (67) – Flower Candle Craft

Hi everyone!!

What do you think of this simple DIY for a gorgeous homemade gift using pressed flowers?

This DIY Candle is the perfect Mother’s Day gift or special way to display pressed flowers from a vacation.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 67



Assorted small flowers – Pillar candles – Clothing iron – Wax paper – White paper or cardstock – Kitchen towels or rags – Flower press (if you don’t have it, you can obtain the same result by putting the petals in a kitchen rag and press gently on them with a warm iron)Fold a piece of white paper or cardstock in half, open and set aside.

For this craft, you will want the petals removed from the flowers so that they lay flat against the candles.

Carefully remove the petals (and perhaps a few leaves) from your flowers and place on half of the open, folded paper.

Fold the paper so that the flower petals are securely inside.

You can either press your flowers using a flower press for about 7 to 10 days or use the microwave or iron methods. Follow the instructions that came with your specific flower press if using that method.

To press your flowers quickly using a clothing iron, place the folded paper on top of a couple of kitchen towels and then lay another one on top.

Turn off the steam function of your iron and set the heat to low. Press the iron down on the paper (through the towel), but do not move back and forth as if you were ironing clothes. Press down in several spots for 30 seconds at a time, for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Check that the flowers are dry before turning off the iron and proceeding to the next step.

Arrange the flower petals (and leaves) on the candle in your desired pattern.

If you want to cover all sides of the candle, you will need to do one side at a time to prevent the petals from falling off.

When you are happy with your design, place a piece of wax paper over the design. You want to avoid touching the iron to the wax paper, so ensure that your piece of wax paper is long and wide enough to prevent this.

On medium heat setting, iron over the wax paper to set the flower design.

The aim is to slightly melt the wax paper, but avoid melting the actual candle. Move the iron around, like you would with clothing. This will take about 2-3 minutes, depending on the heat of your iron.

You can remove the wax paper immediately to see if the flowers are secure. If they fall off, place a new piece of wax paper overtop and repeat the process.

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DIY (25) – Plushie – Penguin

Hi everyone,

Perhaps you always thought that doing a plushie is quite difficult?

Then you will see that by following this tutorial it isn’t difficult at all! Today we will see how to create a penguin.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 25



30 cm x 60 cm piece of black Polar fleece -30 cm x 16 cm piece of white Polar fleece – Small amount of tan (for the feet and beak) – Small amounts of felt for the eyes. – 250g of toy fill – penguin pattern (below)

Start by downloading the Penguin Pattern.

Sew the white front body piece on to one piece of the black body piece. Use your picture for direction.

Sew your feet pieces together. Make sure to stitch on the outside.

With the white section facing inwards sew the two black body pieces together. Sew the feet in place as you go (make sure the feet are facing inwards). Leave a gap down one side for turning  – approximately where the wing will fall.

Fill the body with Toy Filling or Wadding and stitch up the gap.

Stitch your wing pieces together but leave a gap for turning. Once turned – do not stuff.

Stitch up the gap and stitch in place (the curved edge goes to the back).

Stitch the wings to the Penguin’s body.

Stitch the beak in the same way as the feet with the stitching on the outside.

Stitch your face features on using the picture for direction.

And it’s finished!

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DIY (24) – How to dry your own roses – Potpourri

Hi evryone,

Are you ready for today’s project?

Let’s see how to dry roses and other flowers with wech we can create beautiful scented potpourris for our home.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 24



Bunch of roses – hairspray

To dry roses naturally , wait till your bunch of roses open completely then remove any dried broken or brown leaves from the bunch.

Using some elastic bands or garbage bag ties secure the stems into a bunch.

Using some string attach it to the bunch of roses and hang them up in an area with non direct sunlight.

Try to have them hanging directly upside down or you may find your roses dry on a wilting angle.

Once the roses are fully dried spray them with some normal hairspray. This gives them a fine lacquered coating that will keep the dust off them.

You can do this with also other kinds of flowers. Once you have different kinds, you can create a potpourri by putting the flowers in a bag and adding perfumed essential oils and the close it with a ribbon.

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DIY (23) – Basket with Heart lace

Hi everyone,

Are you ready for today’s project? This Valentine’s day idea is so easy that you can make it even with younger kids.

If you copy just the outlines of the basket, you will be able to use it also for other events such as Mother’s day.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 23



scissors – glue or tape – paper cutter/blade – printer (optional, you can also print your PDF File at your local print shop) – thick paper/card stock (optional, you can also print your PDF File at your local print shop) – pen (optional, for writing your messages) – single hole puncher (optional, you can make your own holes using a paper cutter) – ribbon/string (optional, for a stronger Mini Gift basket handle) – inkless ball point pen/blunt tipped tool (optional, for easier folding/scoring) – pdf template (download below)

Open Mini Gift basket & Gift tag’s PDF File in Adobe Reader and print out on cardstock or thicker paper stock using your printer (or you can print the PDF File at your local print shop). Gather all the materials needed to make the Mini Gift basket.

Cut out the Mini Gift basket Template following the cutting lines.

Using the back of your paper cutter/blade or using an inkless ball point pen, score along the folding lines. Scoring means lightly dragging your back of blade or pen across the folding lines to make folding easier.

Fold according to the folding lines, make sure you fold all the side flaps of the Mini Gift Basket.

Apply glue or tape to the four side flaps of the Mini Gift Basket Template.

Cut the Mini Gift Basket handle and place some glue or tape on both ends of the handle.

With the glue or tape, stick one end of handle to center top area of the Mini Gift Basket and repeat the same for the handle’s other end.

Cut out the gift tags.

Using a single hole puncher, punch a hole in each gift tag.

Write your messages on the tags and attach them to your basket using some ribbon or string.

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DIY (21) – Picture frame made with paper straws

In recent days we have seen how to make beautiful earrings with paper straws.

Today we will see how to make a beautiful frame that will bring joy to the house.

In this tutorial we will make straws by rolling up the newspaper on a wooden stick.

You can choose untreated newspaper, or already colored, or even colored by you with acrylics.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 21


materiali necessari:

wooden stick – colored paper – hot glue – old frame (you can also do it with cardboard) – glue stick

Begin by cutting strips of newspaper (or even colored paper), about 8 cm wide.
Roll up the paper on the wooden stick in order to create the straws.

Once the straws are obtained, roll them up and form circles (they do not have to be all of the same color and size).
With the hot glue stick them on your frame.

I suggest you watch the video to see how to make straws: