DIY Gifts (68) – Colored boxes (7 templates to print)

Today we will see 7 models of Christmas boxes (with printable templates), to wrap up your gifts.

They are all colored but, for a more professional effect, you can color them with acrylics or colored salt.

Let’s start

Gift No. 68


Christmas landscape box with snowy houses

Box with leaves and red berries.

Red box with white polka dots.

Box with raccoons and Christmas trees.

Bag with Santa Claus costume.

Box with green and red squares with Christmas symbols.

This last box is also supplied with many labels and materials to decorate.


Cardboard – printer – acrylic colors – colored salt

If you use a laser printer, you will only have to print the models above, cut and fold them, if, on the other hand, you are using a non-professional print, I recommend that you print them but then color them again with acrylics or colored salt.

If you decide to color them yourself, it is recommended to use the simpler templates.

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