DIY (44) – Lavender sachets

Hi everyone!

Here is another idea, certainly appreciated as a gift but also practical for our closets … the bags in tulle with lavender inside.

If you do not have a lavender plant, you can easily find online the packages containing lavender flowers.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 44



lavender flowers, small organza bags

Put the lavender flowers in the organza bags and close with the appropriate ribbon.

Having a lavender plant on the balcony, I decorated the bags with fresh lavender twigs, but you can also use colored ribbons.

Your lavender sachet is ready!

DIY (33) – Cactus in a jar

Hi everyone!!!

An idea for Valentine’s Day, but also to decorate your home.

Just choose small cactus plants (you find them at really affordable prices in garden centers and diy stores) and original jars (miniature) to make this object in no time!

Let’s start!!!

DIY 33

Cactus in a jar

materiali necessari:

various miniature jars (the terracotta jar I found in a garden center while the glass jars by Aumai or other home design stores) – small cactus plants – materials to decorate your gift – plastic bags

Put the cactus in terracotta and glass jars/vases.

Put them in plastic bags and decorated with ribbons and anything that suggests your creativity.

Your gift or decoration is ready!


Hi everyone!

We continue with our homemade items.

Today we will see how to create these beautiful earrings made with aluminum wire (anallergic) and beads (I already had them in the house, otherwise you can find them in shops selling jewelry).

They’re very simple to do.

Let’s start!!!

DIY 26




Aluminium wire 0.8mm for manufacture Handmade costume jewelry (Calibre 20) Silver color – scissors – jewelry pliers, beads, hooks for earrings

Cut two pieces of aluminum wire of the same size.

This type of wire (which you can also find in other colors), is very easy to work.

First, stick a bead into the aluminum wire. Leave a small piece that you will fold to create the ring where to insert the hook of the earrings.

At this point, roll the thread as you like: if you want to create a sphere, just turn the thread forming many overlapping circles (image 4). If you want a more classic model, just keep spinning the thread around the bead (images 6, 7, 8, 9).

You can use a single bead or match it with others, leaving room for your creativity.

Of course, you can also create beautiful pendants (picture 9)

If you want a more precious look you can use golden color aluminum wire.

DIY (22) – Little house with heart

Hi Everyone,

Here we are again with a project for Valentine’s Day: a very nice little house in which to insert a gift… I put some soft nougats.

With the template(which you find below), and lots of imagination you can indulge in the preparation of these houses.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 22



Cardboard – cutter – scissors – hot glue – pencil – colored tape – decorations of your choice – glue stick – hook or elastic to hang your house – template house (below) – nib with round tip to mark the card

First, print the template of the house to the size you prefer (just insert it in a word page and enlarge).

Cut out the shape. Help yourself with the cutter, especially to cut the smaller parts.
Copy the shapes (house and roof) on a colored cardboard (also of different colors).

Cut with care the full lines and the dotted ones with the nib (these are the ones which you will fold).

Make a hole in the center of the roof (here you will go to insert a hook or elastic to which you will have made a knot).

Assemble the house by attaching the pieces with hot or stick glue.

Decorate with beads, rhinestones, etc.

You can make a base with a piece of cardboard that is left over in case you would like to insert some sweets or other gift.

Your house is ready!

DIY (20) – Card with moving butterflies

Today we will see how to prepare this very nice card, suitable for both Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.
It’s not difficult, but you just have to be patient in cutting out and coloring the various pieces to assemble it.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 20


materiali necessari:

colored cardboard – butterfly template (see below) – acrylic colors – crayons or colored markers – double-sided tape – hot glue – black felt pen – 1 cent coin – greeting message (I used a stamp) – pad or sponge to apply the color on the card

First, fold an A4 paper in half.

Print the template above in the measure you prefer (for a card in this format I have inserted two butterflies not too big).

With the thin black marker, go over the edges of the butterflies. Then color them with colored pencils or markers.

Cut the outlines roughly and glue them onto the cardboard. Now cut them out leaving a small border around the butterfly.

Create two different shades of acrylic color: one light and one darker. With a tampon or sponge, apply the light colour on the cover of your ticket and then the dark colour.

With a cutter cut two circles (little smaller than the coin)

Cut a small square of double-sided tape and apply it on the coin. Place it behind the hole and now attach the butterfly in front. This one should move.

Now open the card and go to attach (with double-sided tape) a card of the appropriate size to cover the movement mechanism of the butterflies.

I applied the writing with a stamp, but if you do not have any, you can easily download them from the internet and apply on the card after cutting the edges.

If you attach them with double-sided tape, you will get a nice 3D effect.

Your card is ready.

DIY (80) – Centerpiece

Today we will see how to create this beautiful centerpiece, made with very few materials and which you can no longer do without…

Depending on the balloon size, you can choose whether to create a centerpiece or, if smaller in size, a basket to insert into the Christmas bags to create a more precious look, or even as a vase in which you can place your keys when you enter your home.

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 80



Glue Vinavil type (for paper), glitter powder (there are different colors), 1 balloon.

First inflate a balloon. In this case, to create a centerpiece, you will need to do it as large as possible.

To make your job easier, I suggest you stick the balloon with duct tape to a container.

Now mix the vinyl glue with the glitter (the more you put of the latter, the more intense will be the color once dry).

Apply the dough to the top of the balloon.

Let it rest for at least one night.

Once the paste of glue and glitter is dry, pierce the balloon.

Your centerpiece is ready!

DIY (50) – Santa Claus container

Today we will see a nice way to recycle glass or plastic jars.

With a few tricks, you can transform a jar into a container disguised as a beautiful Santa Claus.

You can use it to insert candies to distribute to children during the Christmas holidays.

Let’s see how.

Gift No. 50



a jar with a lid (it can be glass, but if you want to give it to younger children you can also use a plastic one) – a white stocking – a decorated stocking for the cap – metal wire (for the glasses) – wire – white wool – red felt strip – hot glue

First, let’s start by covering the jar with a white sock. Cut off the excess fabric (it must not go over the edge, so to be able to put the lid on). With the hot glue, stick the fabric right under the border.

With the remaining fabric and some filling, create a ball: this will be the nose.

Now let’s go create the beard and the hair: Create bows with the wool thread and close them, always with the wool thread, in the center.

Cut the closed ends.

Now cut a strip of black felt (this will be your Santa’s belt).

Create the glasses with the wire.

After cutting the top of the decorated sock, close it with a colored ribbon and cover the lid as well. Attach it with hot glue so that you don’t see the edge.

Now you just have to assemble your Santa Claus by attaching the belt, nose, hair and beard and finally the glasses. With a permanent marker create the eyes.

Now you can close your jar … without forgetting to fill it with candies and chocolates!