DIY (19) – Heart Charm Necklace

Let’s start!

Hi, today’s DIY comes from Renee’s YouTube channel and blog Cute Simple Things.

We will se how to create these two Hollow Hearth Charms Clay Necklaces, they are so fast and really easy to make, and they add something unique and lovely to any outfit, they are subtle statement!

DIY N. 19



heart mould – clay (you can choose wether to make your own, or buy it ready) – cutter – chain – strong glue – metallic spray paint (gold or silver)

This project is so easy!

Just roll a piece of clay to form a very thin snake.

Wrap it around the mould and let it dry. If you use clay that hardens in the heat, remove the mould before putting it in the oven

Be very careful not to break the charm.

You can choose wether to leave the pendant as it is or you can cut it in half with the cutter and then assemble the two parts in an offset manner.

Color with spray paint (for a special effect I suggest metallic gold or silver) and let it dry.

Your charm is ready and you will just have to nsert it in a necklace.

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DIY (18) – Air Dry Clay Bracelet

Let’s start!

Today we will go for this DIY that you can do with your kids.

Diy bracelet made of air dry clay is a great mother’s day gift idea kids can make. While kids will enjoy the process itself, they will love the colorful results, too.

Making diy air dry clay bracelets involves a great set of activities for toddler to school-age kids: a lot of fine motor skills activities, painting, color mixing and threading. Take a look at this easy how-to and make your own beaded bracelets!

DIY N. 18



air dry clay (my favorite is DAS brand) or homemade fimo (see post: – a few small dowels or simply toothpicks – paint (acrylic will hold, nail polish is an option, glitter paint is great too) – rolling pin, paintbrush – satin ribbon or twine – plastic large-eye needle for crafting

Open your package of air drying clay – you only need a portion of it, better work in small chunks to avoid drying it too quickly.

Knead the clay a bit to soften it, then pinch off a small portion and then you have several options of how to make beads.

Roll it into a spaghetti-like form. Flatten it, and then start rolling it around a toothpick. This is how some of the beads were made. They turned out beautiful.

An easier option (and sometimes better-suited for the younger ones) is to simply make a ball and pierce the toothpick through the middle, like this:

Leave the beads for a day or two to dry. The bigger the beads, the longer they will take to dry.

Once the beads dried out, paint them. What a fun activity! You can use tempera paint. If you are after a more permanent solution, and probably with older kids, use acrylic paint or nail polish.

When you have enough beads on the satin ribbon, tie the ribbon.

Done. Now it’s time your kids start playing.

Your bracelet is ready!

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DIY (17) – Recycle Glass Jars: Flower Vase

Today’s project will give a touch of elegance to your home.

The recycled glass jar will become a beautiful vase to contain a beautiful artificial flower bouquet.

The flowers you see in the picture are homemade, but if you don’t think you have the time or patience to make them, you can buy them ready.

It can also be a great gift for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 17



colored paper mache – glass jar – colored ribbon – salt or colored sand – scissors – needle and thread – hot glue – wooden sticks

Let’s start first with the flowers

Cut two (rather long) strips of paper mache. You need to cut them in an ondulated shape, they will create the petals of your flowers.

Use the largest stripe for the outer petals.

Begin by rolling the smallest strip around itself, starting rather tight, this will be the inside of your flower. While rolling up the paper mache, press on the base with your fingers.

Now continue with the widercstripe.

Once finished the paper mache, fix the base with needle and thread, making it pass first to the base of the flower and then rolling it around it order to close the flower and prevent it from unraveling. Make a knot and cut the thread in excess. Also cut the paper mache in excess (under the thread).

Put some hot glue on the stick and insert it into the flower.

Now prepare the vase:

Take your glass jar and fill it with several layers of colored salt and sand. You can also add pebbles.

If you do not have colored sand you can safely use colored salt (to color it you can use chalk or food dyes).

In my jar I put first the coarse Alaska salt, then white salt and finally some sand with addition of glitter.

Using hot glue, attach the colored ribbon at the mouth of the glass jar.

Now place the flowers as you like.

DIY (16) – Earrings made with newspaper stripes

How about these earrings?

Can you believe that they are made with paper (newspaper) strips.

Depending on the colors of your stripes, it will also change the appearance of the earrings.

Once you become familiar with this technique, you can also create pendants, and many other objects such as vase covers, pins, etc.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 16



newspaper strips – hot glue – scissors – hooks – aluminum wire (or hooks bought ready) – beads or other decorations that you have at home

Take a newspaper and cut it into strips (possibly all of the same size). The more colored the paper, the more lively your earrings will be.

Attach them togetherFold them up like straws.

Now roll them up in a sort of spiral (see last picture). Add some hot glue once in a while so that it doesn’t unravel.

When you get almost to the end, insert the hook and finish rolling. Finish with some hot glue and insert the hook into the hook.

Your earrings are ready!

DIY (15) – Recycled boxes – decoupage

We’re back with the box recycling projects.

Today we will use a very simple technique to decorate the boxes that we often have in our homes: with découpage.

It takes very little time and effort !

For them to really come out nice, however, you need to use the right kind of paper. The best one is the one with the consistency of paper napkins, so if you find nice ones I suggest you buy them right away.

I used gift wrapping paper, but it’s harder to roll out, and it could show flaws.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 15



cardboard boxes – acrylic color – brush – beads or other decorations that you have at home – hot glue – colored paper (the thinner it is, the better it will work, the best consistency is that of napkins) – vinyl glue

First of all, let’s prepare the our box:

First pass the acrylic color on the box and let it dry.

Cut the paper you have chosen (into pieces not too large to allow you to attach it well, without creating lumps).

With a brush, place some vinyl glue on the box, place over the colored paper and apply another layer of vinyl glue. Proceed in this way with the whole box until it is completely covered. You can also use some white paper and some colored paper inserts, as you like.

Apply the decorations

Now attach the rose with hot glue (to see how to make simple decorative flowers in felt go to the post: You can also use other decorations if you prefer.

Your decoupage box is ready.

DIY (14) – Valentine’s Day Decorations: hearts and writing made with aluminum wire

Today we will see a nice project to add to a bouquet of flowers or a vase with a plant.

It’s a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day and, as always, very easy to do.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 13



aluminum wire – writing (you can use the one in the pictures, enlarging it to your liking, or downloading it from the internet) – red nail polish – colored ribbon – DIY pliers – hot glue

How to prepare the text

Print the lettering to the size you prefer.

Use the aluminum wire to pass over the writing with the help of the pliers. Once finished, bend your wire to create a stem.

Do the same with hearts (I chose this writing because there is also the heart)

Apply the decorations

Now, cut a square on your colored ribbon and stick it to the heart with hot glue. Cut the outlines that protrude from the heart. Finally, apply a layer of red enamel (it will help in keeping the fabric attached to the aluminum wire and it will also give a special touch).

Now you can put it in a plant or flower bouquet that you want to give as a gift.

DIY (13) – Recycled boxes – decoration in rhinestones and pearls

Surely you have boxes at home that you don’t know what to do with.

Today we will see how to recycle them in a simple and very nice way.

You can use them to store your items or to make a gift.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 13



boxes – acrylic colour – brush – rhinestones and beads – hot glue

First of all, let’s prepare the our box:

Color your box with the acrylic and let it dry.

Apply the decorations

Here you will have to leave space to your creativity using rhinestones and beads (if you do not have them at home, you can buy them in Chinese stores or online).

Attach the decorations with hot glue.

Your precious box is ready!

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DIY (12) – Bowls made in natural fimo paste (baking soda)

Do you remember how many objects you can make with baking soda fimo?

Unlike the salt fimo, this one turns out white and smooth which makes it look almost like porcelain.

Today we’ll see how to make a beautiful bowl.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 11



100 ml water – 200 g baking soda – 100 g corn starch or cornstarch – lace fabric – rolling pin – kitchen scalpel

First of all, let’s prepare the paste:

In a pan pour the water and add baking soda and corn starch.

Put the pot over medium heat and, only when it begins to thicken, start mixing with a wooden spoon,

Mix thoroughly, so as to remove any lumps that might form, until it is compacted.

Remove the pan from the heat and let the dough cool a little, before you start working it. Place the dough on the worktop. If on the inner edges of the pot, starch has remained attached, do not add it to the rest. Work the dough with your hands until it is soft and compact.

Warning: if the soda paste is not processed well it may crumble a bit, it will need to be heated in your hands before working it. It is recommended to leave the dough rest for 24 hours before using it to create objects.  It can be kept for almost a month if well wrapped with film.

How to create a bowl:

Roll out with a rolling pin the moldable soda paste or das to a rather thin thickness. Press small doilies over the dough and form a circle helping you with the outline of a bowl. Dry the pasta in the air, resting it on a bowl or a plate to make it take its shape.

When it is dry, finish the edges by passing some sandpaper.

Your bowl is ready!

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DIY (11) – Felt basket

Today we will see how to make this small basket with recycled materials.

I had some insulating material at home (the one you put behind the radiators so as not to disperse the heat) and I used it to create a beautiful basket in which to put my brushes and makeup.

It’s simple: just cut the shapes on A4 sheet and transfer them to the insulation material and felt sheets.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 11



rigid padded fabric (in this case I used insulating material that is placed behind the radiators to not disperse the heat, you will need two A4 sheets for the sides and a round one for the base) – colored felt (two for the sides and one for the base) – felt for the handles and for covering the seams – scissors – pencil – lace – hot glue

First, print the template (it must be on A4 sheet) and transfer it to both the felt and the insulating material.

Now cut two pieces of insulation material in A4 format. Do the same with two felt sheets.

Now, with the hot glue attach the two sheets of insulation material to your base (the white color will have to be towards the inside of your basket). Before joining also the sides, cut 4 cm from the top of the basket, this to be able to turn the felt sheets inwards.

Attach the felt sheets on the outside (the silver part). Turn the excess part towards the inside of your basket.

Now cut two strips 4 cm wide from a sheet of felt and place it over the junctions, always gluing it from the base. Let this also go inside and cut the excess part.

Let’s see how to create the handles: cut two strips 4 cm wide and 15 cm long. Glue one part inside and one part outside the basket.

Finally decorate with lace (I put it both inside and outside the basket).

If you want you can also put some lace on the base, to make your basket more special.

Your felt basket is ready!

DIY (10) – Paper hearts with surprise

After the Christmas holidays… here we are with a gift idea for Valentine’s Day.

How about these paper hearts with surprise? You can insert some sweets or use it as a container to give a jewel.

I sewed them up, but if you want to do it faster, just use hot glue.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 10



colored sheets (you can also use gift paper, or decorative silver or gold sheets) – needle and thread – small surprises to insert into the hearts – hot glue

Fold the sheet in half and draw half a heart on thefold. Cut and open it. In this way you will have your shape, to be repeated twice per color.

I advise you not to draw too small hearts, as this will make it more difficult to close them once you insert the gift.

Choose your small surprise to insert in the center and sew the edges. If you decide to use hot glue instead, it would be nicer to decorate the edges with colored ribbons or a cord.

I left them pretty simple, but you can use different materials like glitter, beads and ribbons to make them more sophisticated.

Your paper hearts with surprise are ready!

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