DIY (84) – Christmas tree made with corks

One of the easiest Christmas crafts to make, you can then indulge with colors and with the decoupage paper, or even fabric.

A great gift idea, but also a creative solution to reuse leftover corks.

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 84



Corks – glue – decoupage paper – colored fabric

With the hot glue, it will be necessary to fix the caps between them to create the tree structure. To make a small tree, it will take 15 corks, plus a cork cut in half for the trunk.

For a bigger tree you’ll need at least a hundred.

Once glued the tree structure, it’s time to decorate it; you can decorate the flat sides of the caps with decoupage or using acrylic colors, but also add decorations; for those who want a more challenging challenge, you could decorate the entire tree with decoupage, using a different pattern for each cap.

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DIY (78) – Christmas tree made with tea bags

Do you want to give a gift to someone who loves to drink herbal teas and hot drinks? If so, this cute little tree made up of many different herbal teas is the right gift!

This is also very simple to prepare.

DIY N. 78


materiali necessari:

polystyrene cones (you can find them in brico and / or on amazon, alternatively you can create them yourself with cardboard), tea bags, herbal teas etc., Christmas star

Let’s start by preparing colored sachets by cutting some cardboard into strips (a little wider than herbal teas).

Fold them and close them with colored adhesive tape (you can also create the ribbon with cardboard).

Take your polystyrene cone and, starting from the top to the bottom, cover it with tea bags (preferably of many different types in order to have a very colorful tree).

You can use pins to attach the bags.

If you want a safer version (where there are children), you can use clear tape or hot glue.

Your Christmas tree is ready!

If you want, you can also add poinsettia, glitter and colored ribbons.