DIY (05) – French Knot Embroidered Hearts

Honestly, I’m not very good in knitting, but this kind of knot is so easy to do that I couldn’t resiste trying it

Once you startusing this knot you will want to apply it for decorating fabric objects in your home! In this post we will use it for a pin cushion.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 05



Q Snap Frame (if you don’t have one, you can easily make one with an old frame or with cardboard – Milliner Needle – Embroidery Floss – Pre Stamped Fabric

Depending on the type of embroidery floss you select, you may need to separate them. I used JP Coats and separated it to 3 strands to create my french knots.

Prepare your sewing needle with thread, making sure that the thread is not too long and has a small knot at the end. Assemble your embroidery hoop or frame with fabric.

Starting from behind your embroidery hoop, pull needle and thread to the front of the fabric.

Wrap floss around the needle 2 or 3 times. Personally, I like the knot size 3 produces. Be sure to hold floss tightly so that it stays wrapped around the needle, (see picture above).

With your opposite hand, push the needle through the front to the back side of the fabric. Be sure to get as close as possible to the original exit point. Apply slight pressure and hold floss tight while pulling needle through, (see picture above).

Repeat until yoou finish your drawing.

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DIY (04) – String art (TAO SIGN)

Today we will see how to create a beautiful picture with a simple yarn.

I chose the tao sign, but in reality you can also do it with a text or another design.

The effect is beautiful!

Let’s start!

DIY N. 04



wooden square (about 1 cm thick – yarn of two different colors (twine is also fine) – long needle – paint of the color you prefer – nails – hammer – scissors – compass (or circular object) – pencil

After painting the wooden square, place it on the table.

Draw a round shape with the help of a compass or a circular shape (for example a plate).

With the ruler mark the points on the diameter of your circle (about 1 cm).

Apply the nails.

Fix the thread on the first nail and wrap it on the nail on the opposite side. Go back to the first nail and wrap it on the next one, now go back on the bottom side and wrap it on the same nail. Summing up, at the top you will have to wrap one nail at a time, while proceeding on the bottom twice on the same nail.

Now proceed with the second color. Here you have to do the opposite, wrapping the thread twice instead of one and vice versa.

The second color will have to go under the first.

Continue until all the nails are covered.

Does it seem difficult to you? Then watch the tutorial and you will see that once you start it will be very easy!

Your string art painting is ready!

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DIY (03) – Photo frame made with cork caps

Here we are with another idea for your home, made with corks and a frame (which you may already have at home).

How about this picture frame?

Let’s start!

DIY N. 03



a frame (also of an old painting) – corks of different sizes – hot glue

First, place your frame on the table.

Apply the cork stoppers on the back panel using hot glue.

For a more cheerful effect, you can choose caps of different sizes.

Finally, if you want, you can also color them with the colors you prefer.

Your photo frame is ready!

Here is the video tutorial (in English).

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DIY (02) – Tea table made with fruit boxes

Here we are already at our second simple DIY project.

Just keep aside the simple fruit boxes and create different combinations of tea tables.

If it’s the first one you do, I suggest you start with the easiest model.
At the bottom of the page you will find the video tutorial in English.

DIY N. 02



wooden fruit boxes – sandpaper – a piece of wood for the center of the tea table (assemble the tea table without fixing it and take the measure by counting a few cm more to fit it) – nails or screws (the screws will make your table stronger) – 4 wooden wheels or feet (can be found in all diy shops) – paint of the colour you like best

First, we make our fruit boxes more uniform by giving them a swipe of sandpaper.

Paint the boxes of the color you want and let them dry.

Assemble the boxes without fixing them and take the measure of the center of the table counting 1 cm more per side. You can have it cut in a few minutes and sometimes (if you use scraps) for free.

Now fix your coffee table with nails or screws.

Turn the table upside down and attach the legs or wheels.

Your tea table is ready!

You can find more design ideas below:

Here is the video tutorial (in English).


DIY (01) – Fake safe box

Here we are on the first day of 2021 with a new DIY project: a fake safe box that you can do easily with an old book.

Do you have any old books? Then this post is for you.

Creating this safe bosx is much simpler than you might think.

DIY N. 01



book – vinyl glue – cutter – ruler – colored tape – matching felt – white acrylic – hot glue

First mark a border (in this case 2 cm per side, since the book is rather small) on the first page of your book.
With the help of a ruler and a cutter cut on the edges going over it several times, so as to take as many sheets as possible.

No matter how small the book, you won’t be able to cut all the sheets at once, so you’ll have to go and mark the margins several times on the pages.

Once your box is of the depth you want, close the book.

Keep it tightly closed using an elastic band.

Now apply the vinyl glue on the outer sides of your book. Let it dry (overnight).

Remove the elastic and now apply the glue on the inner sides (the edge of the container) and let dry.

Now you have to decide whether to cover your box with felt or simply paint it white or the color of your pages.

To apply the bow you just need to cut two pieces of colored tape

Attach them to your book with hot glue, (one on the front cover and one on the back). It is not mandatory to insert the tape, but I recommend that you do so if you plan to place the book in the library. 

The bow will prevent the objects from rolling over when you pull it out.

In addition to being a jewelry box, you can use it as an original idea to give sweets or chocolates.