DIY (272) – Christmas trees made with wooden sticks

Hi everyone!!!!

Here we are with another easy Christmas decoration: a tree made with wooden sticks and simple decorations that you could already have at home.

You can choose whether to stick the branches one to another, or make a hole in each and insert a wooden support.

Let’s get started!!!

DIY N. 272



WOODEN STICKS – glue – decorations (stars, fake snow etc)

First of all you need to choose pieces of wood that you can find in any garden.

The best thing is to collect a few branches that are similar in color and size and put them cut them to the desired size.

If you like you can make a hole in the center of each piece of wood and insert a support stick (like the ones you use for kebabs), or, as already said in the introduction, you can stick the branches one to another.

Place the tree on a wooden base.

Your Christmas tree decoration is ready!

I hope you enjoyed also today’s creative idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY!!!