DIY (306) – Gift ideas: cookie box

Hi everyone!!!!

Sometimes the simplest things are also the most effective: how about this original cookie box? Don’t be afraid… there is no template to cut, just recycle a tube of Pringles and you’re done.

In a few minutes you will get this box for cookies to give away.

Let’s get started!!!

DIY N. 306


tube Pringles – glue – gift paper – colored ribbon

Aren’t they beautiful?

You just have to choose a precious gift paper to get these beautiful containers.

First wash the empty Pringles tube and let it dry without the lid.

Cover the Pringles tube with wrapping paper. I recommend using vinylic glue.

Attach the ribbon to the bottom and top edges.

Your cookie box is ready!

I hope you enjoyed also today’s creative idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY!!!

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