DIY (267) – DIY flower stamp

Hi evryone!!!!

Here we are with another simple simple tutorial.

In recent days we have seen how to make stamps with pasta: today we will make one using the final part of the chickory.

The final effect is amazing and you can use it to decorate cards, etc.

There are plenty of vegetables and fruits that you can use for this purpose (such as half orange, or the final part of celery, etc.).

Let’s get started!!!

DIY N. 267



final part of chickory – cardstock – acrylic colours

Choose the acrylic color you prefer and put it in a cup. Add very little water (just dip a brush in the water and then in the color).

Stir well.

Immerge the final part of the radicchio in the color and then transfer it to the cardstock by pressing gently.

Your flower is ready!

I hope you enjoyed also today’s creative idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY!!!