DIY (85) – Small coloured cardboard tree

Here’s the last of our Christmas presents

With this we conclude the section of DIY Christmas gifts: a small colored cardboard tree (you can also use other materials such as felt, but the thicker the material, the more difficult it will be to cut it).

DIY No. 85



Christmas tree print (on the internet you can find many), colored cardboard, needle and colored thread, cutter,

Trace the design of the chosen tree (twice) on the colored card.

Cut out the design. Here you will need to use a cutter that cuts very well.

Repeat it twice (I chose a dark green one and a light green one).

Draw a line in the center and fold.

Sew with needle and thread in the middle.

If you don’t like sewing or want to do faster, you can also use a stapler.

Finally, fold in the center.

Your little tree is ready to be decorated.

You can hang chocolates or sweets to give away at Christmas.

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