DIY (119) – Rose bouquet

Hi everyone!!

Here we go with another DIY for Mother’s Day.

This rose bouquet is so nice and esay to make!

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 119



red cardstock – scissors – glue – ribbon – toothpick

Begin by cutting many circles from the red card. Cut from the outside towards the inside (creating a spiral)

Roll the beginning of the spiral with a toothpick (the shape will be cleaner this way). Remove the toothpick and continue rolling until you have obtained a rose that you will fix with a little glue.

Make many roses this way.

Make a ball of paper and attach the stem that you have created by rolling a strip of paper or with a simple stick kebab coated with ribbon that you will insert into the ball.

Apply all the roses to cover the entire surface of the ball.

Finish by applying a colored ribbon on the stem.

Et voilà, your bouquet is ready!

I hope you enjoyed today’s idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY!

Video tutorial:

DIY (118) – very simple to do daisies

Hi everyone!

In a few minutes you can create these beautiful daisies, both in paper and in felt.


DIY N. 118



aluminium wire – yellow, white and green felt or paper – scissors – glue (or double-sided tape)

First cut a yellow stripe 1/2 cm high and 4 cm long.

Insert the metal wire and roll the yellow stripe around it in order to create the inside of your daisy.

Now cut a white strip 2 cm high and 10 cm long.

With scissors you make many cuts (these will be the petals) over the entire length of the strip (only cut up to a little more than half),

Roll the white stripe around the inside (yellow) of the flower.

Finish by rolling the green strip from the base of the flower up to the entire length of the metal wire.

Your daisy is ready. Of course you can create a thousand different colors!

If you do not insert the metal wire, you can use the flower for earrings or to decorate objects.

I hope you enjoyed today’s idea.

See you tomorrow with another DIY!

Fonte (video tutorial):