DIY (51) – Essence diffuser

Hi everyone!!

How about this diffuser for essences? A nice container in which to insert your bottle of natural essences.

The process is simple, it will only take a little patience to assemble all the flowers. For the flowers you can transfer the attached design on the fabric and package it.

You can used the technique from one of my previous post (see:

Let’s start

DIY N. 51



Polystyrene cone or ball – essence – sticks essence Are fine those used for skewers that you find in the supermarket) – zucchini emptier – felt – hot glue – beads to decorate

First, cut the cone (about in half). If you use the sphere, just cut the base so it stays still on the table.

Create a hole with the zucchini emptier (here you will insert the essence bottle).

Now create the roses and leaves from the template below or following the post mentioned above.

Apply the leaves and roses on the surface of the cone (or sphere) with hot glue.

Once you have covered the cone (or sphere) with leaves and roses, add the beadsas you like.

Finally, insert the essence bottle with wooden sticks inside.