DIY (121) – Paper-cut heart shaped garland

Hi everyone!!

This garland is so easy and you can use it for so many things: to decorate the table on Mothers’ day, as an element on a greeting card, etc.

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 121



paper – pen – scissors

Cut your paper in the shape of a square.

Follow the picture below:

I hope you enjoyed today’s idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY!

For the video tutorial:

DIY (120) – Simple heart wire bracelet

Hi everyone!!

Today’s idea can be another simple but beautiful gift for Mothersday.

All you need is wire and pliers.

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 119



aluminum wire – pliers

In the first place fold your wire in half and turn to create the hook (see picture below).

Create a heart on the other end of the bracelet, leaving a bit of wire that you will use to close the heart.

I hope you enjoyed today’s idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY!

DIY (120) – Braccialetto cuore in filo di alluminio

Buongiorno a tutti!!!

Anche l’idea di oggi può essere un bellissimo regalo per la festa della Mamma.

Avrete bisogno solo di filo in alluminio e pinze.


DIY N. 119



filo in alluminio – pinze

In primo luogo piegare il filo a metà e girare per creare il gancio (vedi foto sotto).

Crea un cuore all’altra estremità del bracciale, lasciando un po’ di filo che userai per chiudere il cuore.

Spero ti sia piaciuta l’idea di oggi.

Appuntamento a domani con un altro DIY.

DIY (112) – Plastic mask holder

Hi everyone!

Does it happen also to you that you don’t know where to store your anti-covid masks? Maybe you’re out and you need to take it off and you don’t know what to do with it?

Well, the, today’s tutorial is for you!

These little bags are really practical and easy to do. I made them all with recycled materials (if you don’t have acetate at home you can replace it with a rather rigid fabric. In this case, of course, your bag will not be transparent.

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 112



a piece of acetate 8,5 x 30 cm – felt cutouts – a piece of Velcro or an automatic button – hot glue

First cut the acetate to the measure described above.

Cut a felt tab for the bag with the velcro closure. While for the one with the snap button, just cut some decorative silhouettes (I put a flower with leaves and hearts).

With the hot glue attach the Velcro on the bag and tab. Before attaching the lid, close it on the other piece of Velcro so that the result will be more precise.

Do the same with the snap button on the second bag.

All you need to do now is to decorate them!

I hope you liked today’s idea!

See you tomorrow for another DIY!