DIY (43) – Valentine’s Day Card

Hi everyone!!!

Yes!… Today we are going for another Valentine’s Day DIY!

This greeting card is simple but also very impressing. All you need is some colored cardboard, a cutter and glue to create it.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 43



colored cardboard (two colors) – cutter – template (below)

Print the template on a card (if you do not want the lines to be seen, you can cut out the printed template and copy the cutting points on another card).

The continuous lines are to be cut, while the dotted ones are to be folded.

Cut a second card (of the color you prefer) and stick behind the writing, being careful to leave free the parts of the pop up.

Your Valentine’s Day pop-up card is ready!

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DIY (34) – Rose bouquet Valentine card

Hi everyone!!!

Today we will see how with stamps and stencils we can create this stunning Valentine’s Day Card.

The layering of stamping and stenciling gives such a wonderful realistic look and the bold colorful images really pop on the Kraft colored cardstock background.

Let’s start!!!

DIY 34



colored inks for stamping (if you don’t have them, you can use also acrylic colors) – cardstock (200 g) for gretting cards – stencils (below you can find a few ready ones to make a card similar to the one above) – craft psper for making stencils (you can use also thick paper, but they will last much less) – cutter – sponge – black marker – stamps

First of all print all your pdf stencils (below). Cut out carefully with a sharp cutter.

If you buy them ready, the procedure will be much easier and faster, but this is a nice activity to spend sometime also with your kids..

Prepare your colors and with a sponge (be careful that the color should not be too liquid).

Prepare your card by folding an A4 paper in half. You can also choose other sizes to make a variety of cards.

Now you can have fun and proceed by layers. If you want a 3D effect, you can stencil on other pieces of cardstock and then stick them on your final card.

Below you can see a complete video (especially for those who are already familiar with cricut and stamp inks).

For the text you can also buy stamps (usually you find different phrases in a box). The stamps will add a more professional look.

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DIY (34) – Biglietto di San Valentino con mazzo di rose

Buongiorno a tutti!!!

Oggi vedremo come creare con stampini e stencil questa splendido biglietto di San Valentino.

La stratificazione di stampi e stencil dà un aspetto così meraviglioso e le immagini colorate creeranno un effetto unico.


DIY 34



inchiostri colorati per stampaggio (se non li avete, potete usare anche colori acrilici) – cartoncino (200 g) per carte gretting – stencil (qui sotto potete trovare alcuni pronti per fare una carta simile a quella sopra) – psper mestiere per fare stencil (è possibile utilizzare anche carta spessa, ma dureranno molto meno) – cutter – spugna – pennarello nero – francobolli

Prima di tutto stampate tutti i tuoi stencil in pdf (sotto). Tagliate con cura con un cutter affilato.

Se li comprate pronti, la procedura sarà molto più facile e veloce, ma questa è una bella attività da trascorrere qualche volta anche con i vostri bambini..

Preparate i vostri colori che applicherete con una spugna (fate attenzione che il colore non sia troppo liquido).

Preparate il biglietto piegando un foglio A4 a metà. È anche possibile scegliere altre dimensioni per fare una varietà di carte.

Ora è possibile divertirsi e procedere per strati. Se si desidera un effetto 3D, è possibile colorare gli stencil su altri pezzi di cartoncino e poi attaccare sul biglietto finale.
Qui sotto potete vedere un video completo (specialmente adatto per coloro che hanno già familiarità con gli inchiostri Cricut e stampini).

Per il testo è anche possibile acquistare stampini (di solito si trovano frasi diverse in una confezione). Con gli stampini otterrete un aspetto più professionale.


Regali DIY (49) – Stencil cards (English)

Do you want to create your own greeting cards?

Although it may seem like a difficult undertaking, by following some advice it will actually be much easier than you think.

Maybe not everyone has acrylic colors at home, but there are a thousand other ways to color, such as with simple glitter or even salt.

It will only take a little patience to cut the cardboard and the stencils (which you can download from the internet and print).

Don’t worry … you don’t want to try creating your own stencils? You can buy them ready-made and you can reuse them for as many times as you want 😉

Let’s see the procedure.

Gift N. 49



colored cardboard – acrylic colors or glitter, or salt up if you really don’t have any colors at home – glue (that stick is more practical because it does not damage the cardboard) – cutter – white sheets

Download your stencils to cut out from the internet, or buy them ready-made.

Cut the cards according to the size of your stencils. The easiest procedure is to fold a card in half (length or height, as you prefer), and then apply your stencil on top.

To hold the stencil in place, just fix it to the cardboard with paper tape, which will be easier to remove once you’re finished.

Apply the glue (being careful not to damage the stencil, especially if you did it yourself).

The stencils purchased ready are made with materials that prevent them from breaking, so it is advisable to use them the first few times you will try this operation.

Go over with the glitter (make a few pieces at a time so that the glue doesn’t dry out).

Of course, you can do the same thing using salt or acrylic paints.

For acrylic colors I recommend using a rather soft sponge and dipping it in the color. Before applying it on the cardboard it is best to pass it on a piece of paper, so that you get a spray effect.