DIY (325) – Paper recycle: Gift cards

Hi everyone!!!!

I had some pieces of colored cardstock and thinking about how to recycle them I came up with this idea: to make greeting cards, suitable for the holidays now close, but also to write a thought to someone.

For the decorations I used a tiny punching machine bought at the supermarket. If you do not have one in the house, I suggest you buy it. It is always useful and gives a special touch to all DIY made with cardboard.

If you don’t have time or desire to buy it, you can take inspiration from the internet to download some drawings and transfer them on your card. Cut them out, at this point, with a cutter.

Let’s get started!!!

DIY N. 325



colored cardboard scraps – small punching machines (or drawing + cutter)

As I said in the introduction, if you have small punching machines, making these cards will really be really easy.

Having discards of different sizes, I made them of all shapes and sizes.

To give a more professional look, just cut the two corners of the top of the card.

In this case, where my cards are already very colorful, I have not added any more decorations.

You can also customize them with pieces of fabric, lace, rhinestones, etc.

Once cut, let your creativity drive you!

I hope you enjoyed also today’s creative idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY!!!


DIY (299) – Christmas card

Hi everyone!!!!

Today we are talking about Christmas cards, but not only. This beautiful greeting card is suitable not only for this winter event but also for a birthday.

Even here the necessary materials are very few. You can also safely use recycled cardboard to create these beautiful cards.

Let’s get started!!!

DIY N. 299



brown cardboard (also recycled) – white cardboard – white acrylic – sponge – pencil – cutter

For this cardjust cut the cardstock (about A4) in half. Now fold in half.

Cut the white card a little smaller and do the same step.

Now draw the shapes of the houses on the white card (on the internet you can find many if you don’t want to do them yourself). Cut them out.

Apply the white acrylic with sponge on the brown cardboard to create the snow effect.

Now dress the brown cardstock with the white one in which you made your houses.

And there you go, your Christmas greeting card is ready!

I hope you enjoyed also today’s creative idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY!!!


DIY (257) – Christmas Card Ideas

Hi everyone!!!!

Already Christmas? I’m already starting to make my repertoire of boxes and cards… please be patient.
Actually this card can also be used for a birthday, you just need to change the wording.

Also for this project you will need very few materials. In the photo was used colored thread, but if you want you can replace it with colored ribbon.

Let’s get started!!!

DIY N. 257



white cardboard – colored CARDSTOCK- ribbon or colored thread – scissors – glue – writing (by hand, die or internet)

Start by creating the base of your card:
Cut a an A4 in half and then fold it in half.
Cut squares and rectangles of different sizes from your colored board (you can recycle leftovers that you have at home).

Wrap the squares obtained with the colored thread or ribbon.
Place them on the card and paste them.

Finish by glueing or handwriting the greetings.

Your Christmas/Happy Birthday card is ready!!

I hope you enjoyed also today’s creative idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY!!!


DIY (236) – Special Sizzix: Greeting card forget me not

Hi evryone!!!!

Here we are with the special Sizzix dies cutting machine.

How about this beautiful greeting card?

You don’t have the Sizzix die cutting machine? Then just cut your flowers, leaves and branches using the template provided below.

Let’s get started!!!

DIY N. 236



COLOURED cardstock – scissors – VINYL GLUE – shape (under, in case you do not have the die-cutting machine) – Sizzix die-cutting machine – rhinestones – beads

Cut an A4 card in half. Fold them in turn in half to get your ticket.

Cut a rectangle slightly smaller than the card and pass it into the die cutting machine with the die to create the emboss. If you do not have it, you can replace this step by applying a card of another color or by making a mold for embossing at home (see post: ).

Print and transfer the flowers, leaves and branches and copy them on colored cardstock.
Now cut your flowers (below a wide selection), in three different sizes.

Slightly fold the petals and paste the resulting flower on your card.

Insert the wishes (written by hand or downloaded from the internet).

Finish the card by inserting at the center of the flowers beads or rhinestones.

Your forget me not card is ready!!!

I hope you enjoyed also today’s creative idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY!!!


DIY (207) – Baby girl birth card

Hi everyone!!!

Are you looking for a nice idea to create a card for the birth of a baby girl?

With the model, the card colored in shades of pink, and beads you can make beautiful cards in no time!

Let’s get started!!!

DIY N. 207



colored cardboard – scissors – glue – beads – white sheet

Start by printing the model to the desired sizeTransfer it on a colored cardstock and once on the white sheet (which you will insert inside the card).

Cut the pieces and join them by gluing the tabs.

Decorate with different colored cards and beads.

I hope you also enjoyed today’s creative idea!

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY.

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DIY (205) – Colored Scrap Cardstock recycle: Greeting Card

Hi everyone!!!

Making many DIY items, I often find myself with small scraps of colored cardstock that I never know how to reuse.

One idea is to use them to create very original greeting cards.

Let’s get started!!!

DIY N. 205



colored cardboard – scissors – glue – lettering to be applied (cricut or handmade)

First choose the card you need for the base of your greeting card. To create the card cut an A4 in half and then fold in half (you will get two cards).

Cut the remaining coloured cardstock into diamond shapes and apply them on the cardboard with glue.

Add the greeting lettering and, voilà, your greeting card is ready.

I hope you also enjoyed today’s creative idea!

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY.


DIY (169) – Simple rose pop-up card

Hi everyone!!!

As promised in previous posts, I will still propose hand made cards for which you don’t need mandatorily a cricut machine.

This pop-up rose is so nice for a birthday or for Mother’s day greetings.

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 169



colored cardstock – cutter – template – printer – template (below)

Copy the template above in the size desired and print on white or colored cardstock.

Fold on the dotted lines and then cut out the card. Open it so that the rose will stand out.

Your card is ready!

I hope you liked today’s craft idea!

See you tomorrow with another DIY!!!

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DIY (136) – Flower vase card

Hi everyone!!!

This card is not a real popup, but it comes very close to one. Once opened, the flower pot reveals the greeting phrase and has a three-dimensional effect.

It’s quite easy to do, although you’ll have to have the patience to cut the various pieces and color the flowers.

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 136



colored cardboard – white cardboard – thick bi-adhesive tape – various coloring and cutting elements (pdf below) – glue stick – black marker – colored pencils or markers – scissors

First, download the pdf documents. Cut out all the pieces and color them.

First, let’s see how to create the base of our floral card:

Cut three pieces of cardboard in the following sizes:

a. 28 x 11 cm

b. 11 x 2 cm

c. 8 x 7 cm

On the bigger piece (28×11 cm) make two folds, one at 14 cm and one at 20.

On the longest side of piece c (8×7 cm) marke with a pencil 1 cm from the edges and cut so as to have the shape of a vase.

On the second fold of piece a, apply the vase on the base and attach the strip so as to get to the edge.

Now attach the flowers to your vase.

Inside the card, attach the the written greeting card with bi-adhesive tape so that when you open the vase it remains standing.

I recommend you to look at the tutorial below, it will make the procedure much easier!

I hope you liked today’s idea!

See you tomorrow with another DIY.

Video Tutorial:

DIY (107) – Mothers’ Day card (2)

Hi everyone!

Here we go with our second diy card.

As for yesterday’s DIY, you will need very little material to do this card.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 107



colored cardstock – punc hole – glue

For this card I decided to use a square shape.

I drew a heart and glued all the images (I used a flower/heart shaped punch hole).

Glue the images et, voila, your Mothers’ day card is ready!!!

Hope you liked this idea!

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY.

DIY (107) – Biglietto Festa della Mamma (2)

Buongiorno a tutti!!

Eccoci con un altro biglietto per la Festa della Mamma.

Come nel progetto fai da te di ieri ci vorranno veramente pochi materiali.


DIY N. 107



cartoncino colorato – foratrice – colla

Per questo biglietto ho deciso di usare una forma quadrata.

Ho disegnato un cuore e incollato tutte le immagini (ho usato una foratrice a forma di fiore/cuore).

Incollate le immagini et, voilà, il biglietto della festa della vostra mamma è pronto!!!

Spero che questa idea vi sia piaciuta!

Ci vediamo domani con un altro fai da te.