DIY (132) – Lego earrings

Hi everyone!!!

Raise your hand if you have any lego blocks in the house!

Putting in place the box of my son’s games I found pieces of lego and I thought to make these cute earrings.

My version is simple enriched with silver paint, but you can mix the lego with beads or other materials.

Besides, they are really easy to do!

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 132



LEGO bricks – metal ring – monachella – small drill – silver or gold spray paint

Take two Lego bricks and make a hole on one of the sides.

Colour with the silver or gold spray.

Insert the ring and the hook.


As mentioned before, you can make these earrings more precious by inserting beads or other decorations.

I hope you enjoyed today’s idea.

See you tomorrow with another DIY!

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